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Para Driver
August 14, 2008, 16:56
intersting that they think a 18 year old can posses a handgun (against federal law), or that a minor can posses an AK-47? The lies just never, ever, end.
They gotta be high when they make this crap up?


The Gun Lobby Is Threatening School Safety

TOLES (c)2007 The Washington Post. Reprinted with permission of UNIVERSAL PRESS SYNDICATE. All rights reserved Armed students? Armed teachers? That is the response of the gun lobby to the horrible massacre at Virginia Tech and Northern Illinois University. Their solution is to give everyone a gun and start the crossfire. We disagree.

We must stop gun lobby-supported legislation that is modeled after a law in Utah that does not allow colleges and universities to bar possession or use of firearms on campus. If these laws pass in states around the country it would mean 18-year-old kids could carry handguns to class, and kids even younger than 18 could possess AK-47 assault rifles with high-capacity magazines on campus. The gun lobby also wants to arm K-12 teachers.

Talking Points
Questions and Answers
State Legislators Aren't Buying It

6/19/08 Press Release showcases how state legislators (even NRA A-Rated ones) are voting to protect families and their educational communities from the careless proliferation of fire-arms.

The Brady Center's new report: No Gun Left Behind: The Gun Lobby's Campaign to Push Guns Into Colleges and Schools blows the whistle on the gun lobby's strategy and explains how, far from saving lives, it would dramatically increase gun violence risks to college students and trample on academic freedom. Drugs and alcohol use, plus suicide and mental health issues, all peak for people 18-24. Let's not add guns into that volatile mix. Despite the massacre at Virginia Tech, college campuses and schools are safer than the communities that surround them, precisely because those institutions have barred or tightly controlled firearms. We need to support those institutions, not strip them of the ability to control firearms on campus. Arming teachers is also a bad idea. Do we really want teachers shooting at students? Even police officers hit their targets less than 20% of the time.

NRA letter to Maine legislators

Click here to read the full letter. Who wants to arm students and teachers? The usual suspects.

The National Rifle Association
The Gun Owners of America
Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms
Virginia Civil Defense League
Some politicians, beholden to the gun lobby, also want to put guns into your kids' classrooms. It is up to you to make sure this doesn't happen.

Texas Governor Rick Perry
Presidential hopeful Fred Thompson

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©Tribune Media Services, Inc.All Rights Reserved. Reprinted with permission. Obviously, arming students and teachers is a bad idea.

Here are a few reasons why it would be insane to introduce guns into colleges and schools. The college age years — 18-24 — are the peak years for engaging in gun crimes, abusing drugs and alcohol, attempting suicide, and having other mental health problems. A binge-drinking, drug-using student is dangerous enough; let's not give him or her a gun.

Reason #1: Drugs and Alcohol
Nearly half of America's full-time college students abuse drugs or binge drink at least once a month. For college gun owners, the rate of binge-drinking is even higher — two-thirds.
Plus, college gun owners are more likely than the average student to:
Engage in binge drinking,
Need an alcoholic drink first thing in the morning,
Use cocaine or crack,
Be arrested for a DUI,
Vandalize property, and
Get in trouble with police.

Reason #2. Suicide and Mental Health Issues
About 1,100 college students commit suicide every year, but another 24,000 students attempt to do so.
If a gun is used in a suicide attempt, more than 90% of the time it is fatal, compared to a 3% fatality rate for suicide attempts by drug overdose.
How many more suicide fatalities will we see on college campuses if guns become widely available?

Reason #3. Gun Theft Risks
Guns stolen from homes and cars fuel crime. College dorm rooms, by comparison, would be even easier targets for gun thieves.
"I would be opposed to guns in schools, period. No matter where I would put a gun in a classroom, a class full of little people would find it. And if it were locked up for safety, there would be no chance to get it."
— Kim Campbell, President, Utah Education Association

Reason #4. Do We Really Want Guns in K-12 Classrooms?
Even trained police officers, on average, hit their intended targets less than 20% of the time.
Arming teachers would likely make them the first targets in an attack, and could encourage attackers to increase their firepower or wear body armor.
More than 2,000 K-12 students are expelled each year for carrying guns to school. Do we really want armed teachers confronting them? What if a teacher shoots a student?
Academic debate and learning cannot flourish in a room full of guns.

The U.S. Supreme Court has recognized the importance of respecting schools' rights to self-governance and independent decision-making.
This principle of institutional autonomy has been enshrined in the constitutions of many states.
A growing number of organizations oppose pushing guns into colleges and schools.

"A university's decision to prohibit firearms on campus creates a secure, educational environment that ensures that the university's mission, the educational process and the quality of higher education can thrive — for the benefit of the entire academic community and the public good." Read the full brief.

— American Council on Education American Council on Education
American Association of Community Colleges
American Association of Universities
American Association of State Colleges and Universities
National Association of State Universities and Land Grant Colleges
American Council on Education
Security on Campus, Inc.
Alliance for Justice
Newspapers and commentators also oppose the gun lobby's plan.

More guns would equal more deaths (Roanoke Times)
Firearms on Campus a Bad Idea. Period. (Lynchburg News and Advance)
Proposals to arm campus workers present challenges (Lahontan Valley News)
Maybe they can wear white hats, too? (Indianapolis Star)
Letters to the editor: Arming students counter to safety (Daily Press)
Arming 'good guys' won't end violence (News Journal)
Property rights over gun rights (Waco Tribune-Herald)
Sorry, Gov. Perry, but guns on campus flunks (Houston Chronicle)
Guns and campus insecurity (Roanoke Times)
More guns won't solve problem (Daily Reveille)
Shooting from the lip (Houston Chronicle)
NO: Turning schools into Wild West saloons will make things worse (Charlotte Observer)
Campus safety reviews boost protections (Billings Gazette)

August 14, 2008, 20:16
Apparently, no one has informed them that all of the school massacres have occured in "gun free zones". DUH.

The outright lies are clear evidence that they are desperate.

August 16, 2008, 18:35
Beyond desperate. Kudos to Texas arming theirs, all it takes is one chink in the armor.

This whole 'gun free zone' thing was a crock from the beginning. The 'feel good' laws these flat-earthers promote and pass just fly in the face of human acts.

August 16, 2008, 18:55
The Brady Center is a lying, knee jerk, anti Bill of Rights group. They get hysterical if someone fires a rubber band off their finger. Morons.

August 17, 2008, 13:27
The teachers unions eat that stupid shit up! It's no wonder that children are so weak minded these days.

August 17, 2008, 15:01
Thanks to the clever infiltration of institutions of higher learning by communists, those who attend universities are indoctrinated with extreme socialist propaganda. The influence of professors over their students cannnot be exaggerated. It is in fact, overwhelming. Nowhere is this indoctrination more intense than in the educational disciplines. Hence teachers are the most targeted recipients of this strategy.

Accordingly then, teachers are literally brainwashed into a socialist, even Marxist mindset. It is no surprise then that teachers, and their representative organization, the NEA, ar so instransigent in their promotion of democommie ideals. That includes necessarily a vehement anti-gun mentality.

My wife, a highy regarded teacher has suffered dearly for her resistance to the brainwashing, and is joined only by a small handful of other reason oriented fellows, none of whom are ever granted positions of influence in their respective fields. They are regularly mocked and insulted for not following the democommie Party line, and even punished for it with the worst assignments and most difficult and remote locations in the worst parts of town. They are often refused the teacher's aides and instructional assistants that other teachers get, and are much more harshly disciplined for the slightest infraction of policy and report deadlines.

Expect then that schools, teachers and administration alike, will fight arming faculty and administration tooth and nail, employing the same old Brady lies and disinformation. It is an uphill battle that can be won only through intense and relentless pressure by the taxpayers and sympathetic legislators who understand the futility and counterproductivity of school gun-free zones, and the carnage they invite. Believe me when I tell you that the one thing educators are sensitive to is pressure by parents and taxpayers, upon whom their very jobs depend. I could write pages of examples where parents and taxpayers have influenced, even controlled policies, some good, some atrocious and even ludicrous, wherein policies and procedures of every sort have been implemented. In one egregious case, the entire lunch schedule of the whole school was altered to suit the convenience of one vociferous mother. Sometimes, sheer insanity prevails. Suffice it to say that this strategy of convincing parents and taxpayers of the deadly folly of gun free zones is the ONLY way of changing successes of skirt-lifters and Chicken Littles.

Again then, I say that participation and involvement is the key. Unless WE take action, our children will continue to be lawful prey for maniacs, and the anti-gunners and Brady bunch will prevail, at the cost of dead children.