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September 20, 2001, 22:42
Can you tell me how you usually notify people that you have recieved funds that they've sent?

Almost 3 weeks ago I sent (via USPS) payment for the services auctioned by the Gougers (Double G). I have not, as yet, received confirmation that those funds found their way to you.

Please don't get me wrong. This is not a flame. I am just concerned that you might not have gotten the money. I need to know whether or not I should put a "stop-pay" on the check.

Thanks for the help.

John Massey

September 21, 2001, 01:48
I notified George via Email / PM the day it was received. My apologies if you did not receive notification of the payment, I could swear that I sent a PM.

September 21, 2001, 07:46
Thanks Jen.

September 21, 2001, 21:13
Jen--with all the problems going on in the country right now, and everyone being in a charitable mood, I don't you to be forgotten. I want to send you a few bucks to help out with your continuing problems and help keep the board up. I know I have profited both money-wise and knowledge wise from the board and want to help--plus keep the need for funds for the board front and center. Could you please post the address I can send you a check to?

September 22, 2001, 00:09
The FAL Files
P.O. Box 58553
Webster, TX 77598-8553

I am behind on updating memberships folks, if anyone has contributed and hasn't yet been updated as a member I will do so soon.