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July 27, 2008, 15:50
A quick trip to the range in order to break in the new rifle and barrel. Used the following technique: Cleaned barrel and bore with Hoppes and then dry patched. Fired one shot and then cleaned bore. Did this for four rounds. Fired two shots and then cleaned. Repeated three more times. Fired one round and cleaned after each shot for four more rounds. Very little fouling and no copper was seen. Bore felt very smooth with no snags or rough spots. While I was shooting the rounds, I was making coarse adjustments on the mounted Leupold 3x9 VariX-II. Wasn't trying to get it down to a gnats butt, just to where I could see what size of group I could reasonably get. I was using SA R1 ammo for the break-in. Weather was slight sprinkle on and off, 84* with 200% humidity and no breeze. Standard SC summertime weather.


Group fired off bags and bench at 25 yds. I know that 25 yds isn't far but I didn't think that the scope had enough adjustment to allow me to get it on paper at 100 yds. I have a Super Sniper 10x42 coming that is for this rifle. Like the writing says, that is four rounds of SA and they were the 17th, 18th, 19th, and 20th rounds fired throught the rifle (last of the box). Very surprised at my performance with the rifle.

Action was mounted on a Hogue overmolded varmint stock that required a lot of material to be removed in order for the DBM lower to fit. 2 days of dremeling and blood drawn. I was concerned that I may have weakened the bedding block with all the metal that had to be removed but after 20 rounds the receiver is still tight in the stock with no change in the mounting bolt torque values. Pictures were not posted because it looks like every other PBR in a Hogue stock and Splattermatic's picture of the fitting of his stock is very similar to mine.

Dunk RD
July 27, 2008, 20:26
You and splat are haveing entirely to much fun with these rifles. But it really
Looks like you both have shooters. I feel like i'm a kid waiting for christmas.
Just a few more days.
Dunk RD

July 27, 2008, 21:36
Come shoot the scoped tactical rifle match at the Charlotte range August 3rd! 300 yards prone from sandbags or bipod with scopes at a simulated Palma target (really small). They only have this match once a year, since all the highpower shooters trudge off to Perry. Meet me at my house, and I'll drive.

July 28, 2008, 09:03
Looks promicing!! Hope you post pics of some 100 yd. groups when your super-Sniper is mounted. I'm wondering what these rifles are going to do with 150gr Noslers or A-Max.

Still hunting up a stock for mine. Why doesn't FNHUSA have parts ?

July 28, 2008, 09:11
Are those actions made in left hand also?

Dave Dude

July 28, 2008, 09:49
Hagar, I'll be in Illinois visiting the old Homestead in August. But now that it looks like I have a shooter, I might have to get with you for the next rifle match.

Dunk, it was like Xmas when I opened that box. Very well packed, with all the parts in plastic and their own compartment. Even got an owners manual that tells you how to take down the bolt along with the rest of the rifle.

DaveD, didn't see any reference to a left handed action. Call CDNN and see if they have any in stock.

The scope is supposed to be delivered today. Unfortunately and trips to the range will have to be delayed until my Honey Do list is taken care of. The Wife is on vacation and that means I can't goof off when I don't have to work. However, I will post pictures of the next range trip.

July 28, 2008, 18:46
well, hopefully george will get the pic of my 100 yard target up soon.....
also, i really had my head up my butt, instead of .025 off the oal, i took .250 !!! (shaking head)
guess i had a blonde moment, so now i did the correct measurements, and will try 150 nosler bt's next, in front of 47.0 grains of varget.

maybe tomm. ??

i have them loaded to max., mag legth, but they seem to be sticking in the mag, so i may have to go shorter....

something like 2.80, or there abouts.

July 28, 2008, 20:12
Dave: Just checked FN's 2008 Product Catalog. No bolt guns for lefties, it seems, in the SPR, PBR, or PSR series rifles.

August 03, 2008, 21:04
Got back from a trip to see the family and had some time left over. What better way to spend a cool (relatively) morning than out on the range. Since my last trip to check function and break in the barrel, the Super Sniper arrived and was mounted using some Millett Tactical medium height rings. After some fiddling around with the scope to get the proper eye relief at my cheek weld, the sight in process began.

Surprisingly, it only took 3 rounds to get the scope close at 25 yds using SA R1A1. Adjusted so POI was 1.5" below POA at 25 meters. Moved everything out to 100 meters and had everything close to the bull in 4 rounds. I did learn something new about the rifle. If you move the scope along the rail, the vertical point of impact shifts about 2-3 inches for every slot you move the scope. DOH, I forgot it was a 20 MOA rail.

Finished off the box of SA in 4 round groups. Alternated with slow fire with the barrel cooling down between shots and rapid fire with shots every 20-25 seconds. After every other group, I swabbed the barrel out with bore cleaner and then dry patched it. Most of the groups ranged from just under an inch to 1.25 inches, although I had 2 groups in the 1.5 to 1.75 range, but I had called flyers on both.

Had 20 rounds of Georgia Arms 168 HPBT Match ammo on mixed brass (LC and PMC Nato) and sighted in the scope. Noticed that I had different POI's for each headstamp so I made sure that each round for the group was of the same headstamp. Below is the worst group shot with the 168 gr HPBT's. Notice the placement of the pairs, the top being the LC brass and the bottom the PMC brass.


This rifle can shoot. Trigger was very heavy though and I think it kept me from shooting even tighter groups. Getting things set up for for some handloads to see what this thing really likes. Plus, I gotta find out if I can adjust or smooth out the trigger some so I don't pull it off target during the trigger pull.

August 11, 2008, 08:29
What length bbl did you get?

August 11, 2008, 10:07
I got the 20 inch barrel. Didn't think I would need the 24" cause I can't see past 400 yds and wouldn't have any opportunity to short anything longer than 600, ever.

August 17, 2008, 23:08
I have the SPR A5M..and i wouldnt even think of using 7.62x51 NATO brass(or milsurp 7.62x51) in a .308 winchester match chamber . With something like Black Hills match brass, I find Sierra Matchking 168 and Hornady A-Max 168gr atop 42.0grains of RL15( and Federal Champian #210 large rifle primers) to be very accurate in the FN rifles.

The SPR's tend to have a long chamber throat, so they do best with rounds seated out to the point of just barely loading from the magazine. I used a Hornady chamber guage/modified cartridge case, to determine the best seating depth for the rifle.

The barrels are chrome plated, meaning there is no break in according to FNH USA, and can go up to 50 shots between cleaning while still maintaining a high grade of accuracy (30 if you are shooting a critical match) which is great considering my Weatherby MK V in .270 WBY MAG can do approx 17 shots in a sitting before the groups open up and it has to be cleaned to restore groups.

Typical 100 yd group


August 26, 2008, 14:50
I don't think the patrol bolt rifles are chrome lined. I know the special police rifles a1 to a5 are. If anyone knows different I'd like to hear it.

August 26, 2008, 19:30
Originally posted by firewalker
I don't think the patrol bolt rifles are chrome lined. I know the special police rifles a1 to a5 are. If anyone knows different I'd like to hear it.

They are not chrome lined. There is a big difference between the PBR and the PBR xp. The PBR does not have the Mauser extractor and has a push
feed bolt and the xp does. I was told that the SPR series is built around the
Federal Gold Medal 168 gr BTHP ammo. My out of the box performance with this round in my SPR would lead me to the same conclusion. When Splats
stock arrives I'll get some pics posted of shot groups with mine. I got the

August 26, 2008, 20:16
I just checked the FNH USA web site and they do not say that the barrels are chrome lined in their info for the PBR and PBR XP. It does say the SPR's have hard chromed bores. Glad I seasoned my barrel before doing some serious shooting.

I was told that the SPR series is built around the
Federal Gold Medal 168 gr BTHP ammo. My out of the box performance with this round in my SPR would lead me to the same conclusion.

I too believe that this rifle is designed around the 168 HPBT. Standard 147-150 FMJBT gives acceptable accuracy for a hunting rifle. The 168 HPBT really shines though. I don't have a local source for the Federal GM, so I have been using the Hornady Match 168 HPBT Molycoated ammo as my standard to compare my reloads with. I am using the Hornady 168 HPBT bullets in them. Smallest handload group so far has been a 6 shot group measuring 0.7x0.4 inches at 100 yds sandbagged. Today I shot it against one of our SWAT snipers. He was using the Federal and I was using the Hornady ammo. His REm 700 with a Smidt and Bender scope shot a tad better that mine (<0.1"). Both rifles fire at 100 yds prone using bipod only. Mine was just inside 3/4" strung out horizontally and his were at .6" in a cloverleaf. Both cold bore shots were the highest shot in the groups. Not bad for a rifle that cost a quarter of what the sniper rifle did.

I think I can tighten up my groups by adjusting the trigger pull, which is now a little over 4 lbs. I also noticed that the crosshairs move in time with my pulse, so I have to work on the heart rate thing.

I also fired some groups using Federal GM 175 HPBT. The groups opened up, running between an inch and inch and a quarter. From what I have read, the optimum rifling for these and larger bullets is around 1 in 10. I think the 1 in 12 of the PBR XP desn't stabilize it enough.

All I can say is the damn thing is capable of making me look very good. And any rifle capable of doing that is pretty special.

August 26, 2008, 20:28
I've been stocking up on 168gr projos and M118 and M852 Match brass
etc. I bought half a case of Fed GMM before the price went thru the roof
so I'm good for quite a while. There are new 168 bullets on GB'r for $160
a thousand shipped and they are nice. Just look for 308 Bullets on GB'r.

August 26, 2008, 20:47
i too have found the hornady 168's shot better than sierra 168's in my pbr-xp.
i am using 46.5 grains of varget tho, and oal is 2.80.

i am also finding out that mine likes at least 6 shots to group a ragged hole.
1st 3 from a clean barrel went right at 1 inch outside edge to o/s edge. next 3 clover leafed into a 1/2" o/se, to o/se. next 6 went into a ragged 1/2" hole.

now to rave about leupold III series scopes. i have a 3.5-10 older (i'd have to look) vari x III or what ever the old coin slot model is. i put a stoney point target turret on the elevation turret. i printed out a drop chart off http://www.eskimo.com/~jbm/calculations/traj/traj.html using the hornady 168 gr. bthp nm bullet at 2700 fps, 6000 feet elevation, 75 degrees and 15% humidity......etc...

went to the range and shot the above groups, zero'd at 100 yards, after the 6 shot group, i clicked the luppy 1 click right and 1 click up to center the group. i shot 1 shot at another 1" dot and hit dead center. i pulled out the printed drop chart and went next range over to hit the gongs. first shot went up 46 ckicks and sent one down range at 500 meters, smack , 1 shot 1 kill. went back to zero. went up 7 clicks, fired at 200 meter gong, smack another 1 shot 1 kill. went up another 10 clicks and smacked the 300 meter, went back to zero, went up 33 clicks, dead 400 meter gong. returned to zero and went back to the 100 yard range and fired 1 shot at the last dot i dead centered. bullet hole was less than 1/2" from the dead center one, straight horizontal.......

i am sold on luppies......

and for the 442 bucks i have into my barreled action pbr-xp, 55 bucks for the real fn logo'd hogue stock, extra laying around luppy prw rings, and an extra luppy scope out of the safe, this is one hellava shootin rig. oh, i also scored an extra mag of sniperhide for 25 bucks shipped....

gett em while ya can guys and gals, these are well worth the money.

oh, and 2barearms, the g man is home and will be at work tomm., so i will get the stock and send it out thursday... sorry...

and after numerous cleanings, these barrels ARE NOT chrome lined.