View Full Version : M14 Slings~ What are my options?

July 27, 2008, 09:10
I have NO sling for the new rifle and want to get one ASAP..
What are my choices and where should I look?
Thinking I might like a LEATHER sling on this gun and don't know DICK about them..
Please share your thoughts and info, I would appreciate it..

TIA :beer: :whiskey:

OH Yea I also want a GOOD M14 Book.... Is there a MUST have book that will cover what I need to know, and where would I get that as well??
Not building a gun just want a good book that covers care, maintanance, disassembly, history and shit like that...

July 27, 2008, 11:10
If you want leather, and intend to use it for shooting, and not just as a carry strap or ornament, the Turner Saddlery sling is the one. Surplus MRT slings are not long enough for most folks to use as a shooting sling.

I am becoming enamored of the green nylon web sling for these rifles and the Garand. They are light, easy to adjust, and easier to get in and out of than a leather sling.

And, much as I hate to admit it (being a results-oriented kinda guy), the web sling just looks right on the M1 and M14.

July 27, 2008, 11:27
For books you want Scott Duff's 'The M14 owners guide' to start.
You also need a copy of Lee Emerson's (goes by 'Different' on many M14 forums) book 'M14 rifle, history and development' now in it's third printing.

As for slings, I like either the cotton or nylon web sling. Very adjustable for shooting, they are lighter and less expensive than their leather counterparts, and can be had in different colors.

July 28, 2008, 17:01
I have a heavy leather Lawrence 1917 style sling on one stock. It's nice but break in is a bitch. The green nylon M14 sling is the one I find myself using more though. It's easier to adjust into a hasty or loop. Plus you cannot destroy it.


July 28, 2008, 19:55

I would recommend these books :

"The Complete M14 Assembly Guide" by Kuleck and Clint McKee (Fulton Armory)

"The M14 Owner's Guide" by Duff and Miller

The former is better in my opinion.

Although I do not have much experience with leather slings, the M14 nylon works very well for me.

Both hasty and loop. Standing, sitting and prone.

Nylon will last much longer than leather or cotton.

If it's any constellation, my M1A was also built by Fulton, but not with a SS NM barrel, just a GI chrome lined barrel.

I learned how to shoot this rifle very effectively using open sights after attending two Appleseed shoots(appleseedinfo.org)

I don't know where you live, but if there's a shoot near you, I would highly recommend it. $70 for two days.

Now, I can REALLY consistently shoot 10" groups at 400 yards using the irons and South African milsurp while in prone.

You own a fantastic rifle.

I hope you enjoy it.

July 28, 2008, 20:35
Thank you all for your posts so far, I appreciate the time spent sharring your Experience and insight..

I neglected to mention I have TWO X-tra GI Cotton slings one of which is a DANISH M1 Sling.. For Now I have installed that and will work with it to see how it feels.. Unfortunately the range I frequent has NO Provisions nor do they allow Sitting or Prone shooting which really sucks.. I am able however to practice Standing at both 1 & 2 Hundred yards..

I live in Florida and wonder if there will be an Appleseed shoot near me this year? Will be sure to check on that and see if I could make the trip?
I do indeed like this rifle as it seems well built and accurate although I have more testing to do.. My Other M1A/M14 has a Barnett/Douglas Med 4 Groove barrel and it shoots nice as well.. Thinking both are WAY better than I am at this point but I plan on trying to get good enough to use what they have....

July 28, 2008, 22:36
Mike, check out these guys for a sling.
You can get either a real USGI leather sling, a new Navy style nylon web sling, a WWII re-production of the M1917 sling or an M16A2 sling.
Great prices and get a NIW M14 cleaning kit for the buttstock while you are at it.
As for the appleseed, go here and find out when and where.

July 29, 2008, 05:29

The Navy sling that Ssarge linked to is the one I've been using for match shooting with the M1. Great sling, and Charley's has a great price. They usually go for fifteen bucks at shows.