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July 24, 2008, 11:42
WTK: Springfield Armory national match info.

What is the current value for a Springfield Armory NM rifle that has all US GI or NM parts on a 99,000 series receiver? The rifle started off as a national match from SA, is about 12 to 14+ years old, and was worked over by a former military armorer that was based out of the mid west. The seller canít remember the name though but he was a professional builder of match guns. The rifle was steel bedded and tightened up a bit but since the parts were USGI or NM, the smith didnít do too much to it other than the bedding and working the gas system a bit. Still has the original SA NM stainless barrel w/less than 500 rounds. (Actually right around 350 or so). The USGI parts are the trigger group, op rod, gas system, etcÖ I think the barrel and the receiver are the only non-USGI parts from what the other party mentioned.

I may be trading for this rifle and want to get an estimate on value. Condition is 98% or better w/a very nice wooden stock and Smith enterprises brake. Thanks