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July 24, 2008, 00:28
I've got 2 questions reguarding Form 1 paperwork. 1) Part of my paperwork packett from the BATFE is a citizenship verification. One of the lines is something like person verifying citzenship. waht goes here? 2) There is a posability that I may be moving to another state. That state is also class 3 friendly (I think). Do I need to do anything for the ATF if I change adresses?

July 24, 2008, 12:14
Person Verifying Citizenship - YOUR NAME GOES HERE

2) You'll need to fill out form 5320.20 - http://test.titleii.com/5320-20.html Application to Transport Interstate or to Temporarily Export Certain National Firearms Act (NFA) Firearms

July 25, 2008, 08:55
thanks for the imput