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June 25, 2008, 18:03
I'm seriously considering selling off my sole remaining Machine gun - a C&R Beretta 38-42. I have only inquired with a local Class III Dealer who is known for, well... his rapacious one-sided deals. He made me an offer right away. My fellow Class III owners around here have all agreed that if Dealer X offered me a certain amount, that the rifle is worth 3-4k more.

So, where is currently the best site or method to sell or auction a Class III Rifle as far as sites that get exposure and seem to be moving weapons?

Thanks for any advice.

June 25, 2008, 19:20
I've never sold, only bought. But if I had something to sell and didn't know what it was worth, I would ask here: http://www.subguns.com/boards/mgmsg.cgi

Then I would click on NFA Ads at the top of the page and list it for sale.

There is also a recommended dealers list at: http://www.subguns.com/c2c3/c2c3.htm

June 26, 2008, 10:16
gunbroker start the bidding at what you would sell the piece for

June 26, 2008, 23:35
GB is the best. but you will still need a dealer to ship if the buyer is out of state

June 27, 2008, 06:49
I'd say subguns.com and sturmgewehr.com for title II stuff vs. gunbroker or similar. Sturm is actually more active, as there is no charge for listings. Pretty much anyone looking to buy NFA will likely check those two sites before anywhere else. Downside is that neither are auction sites, which can sometimes result in people overpaying in a bidding war, especially for more rare samples. However, for a high-dollar piece, you'd probably have a good amount of fees from the auction sites as well.

A dealer is never going to give you market value for a gun, just like a car dealer isn't going to give you market value for a trade-in. They're in the business to make money, and in order to do that, would obviously need to be able to sell your gun for more than they paid for it.

June 27, 2008, 12:14
Thanks for the tips everyone.

Rocko, good points about the auction vs. the sale sites.

I understood about the whole having to make a profit thing as it pertains to dealers, but you also have to draw the line sometimes when you know that the dealer is undercutting you by at least 40%.

Thanks again. I think GB might be the ticket.

June 29, 2008, 20:44
You should think of a dealer as a source of instant liquidity.

You have to pay for that ability.

Originally posted by lawdog
Thanks for the tips everyone.

Rocko, good points about the auction vs. the sale sites.

I understood about the whole having to make a profit thing as it pertains to dealers, but you also have to draw the line sometimes when you know that the dealer is undercutting you by at least 40%.

Thanks again. I think GB might be the ticket.

June 30, 2008, 14:55
Not only that, but there are other costs associated with selling(especially titleII). You simply won't get top price selling as a relatively unknown individual as compared to a well known dealer with all his contacts.

GunBroker is the only auction site I would consider, but the fees are gonna be pretty heavy and the chances of having the sale fall through due to the high bidder not knowing what he's up to are very high. Mega hassle in your future if you go this route.

I would do a good bit of research into what I thought it should bring and knock a grand off that number for a quick, easy sale, and then list it on Bowers'. Sturm is good too and I've sold several MG's there, but there are a couple fewer dim bulbs at subguns(at least on the NFA Sale Board)and I like their format much better. You can post lots of pictures(and you can write your add your way instead of Buddy's way). That alone will save you weeks of time by not being deleted and having to figure out why. $5 listing fee at Bowers is so cheap as to be insignificant.

Don't know how you look at these things, but I'd much rather sell at a slight discount and practically guarantee a happy buyer than try to squeeze the last penny out of the sale and accept all those consequences. Not saying you should sell cheap and screw yourself, but you shouldn't expect or demand the highest price you can find listed. Top national dealers can and will get a better price than you can expect(or even I as a small time dealer could hope for), and many guns actually sell for far less than they're listed. Unfortunately, there's no way for you to search actual selling prices. Full time dealers have a much better idea of what something will bring and they're selling into a better market than we are. Most of their guns are sold before they buy them.

Since you don't seem to want to put a price out there yet(don't bame you), I'm just saying that an offer from a dealer at 3-4k less than what some might think it's worth isn't necessarily a rip-off. They're probably using high retail asking price as a target and that's not realistic. OTOH, splitting the difference and doing a little work on your own is what I'd recommend. Take some good pics and work up a nice description and list it on Bowers at what your dealer offered plus $2k, or what top dealers are listing at minus $2k.

You can do what some do and just list it high and drop the price until it sells, but I hate that system on both the buyer and seller end and won't recommend it(although it's fairly easy to do). Ads on subguns run 90 days, but changing your asking price won't bring it back to the top where people can see it. Sturm would probably be the better forum for that since once you get an acceptable ad past Buddy, you can simply delete the old ad and repost at the top with the lower price. You're supposed to let the ad drop off the bottom before relisting, but as long as you don't abuse the system you can probably get away with making adjustments every few days.

Or, pick a fair price and list it here. Doesn't cost you anything to launch it here and we can help with pics and description. A Beretta 38 is one of the very few MG's I'd still like to pick up, but unfortunately my NFA buying days are over.

Oh, BTW, if anything, things are slower and prices are a bit down today from where they were a year or two ago. The market for luxury items suck when people are losing their homes and scrambling to put gas in their cars so they can go look for work. And nobody can currently afford to shoot the dang things with ammo prices where they are anyway. C&R prices have taken a hit due to Michiganders regaining their rights(leaves Minnesota as the sole state requiring C&R,......everyone else either lets you have what you want or doesn't let you have anything at all). Then there's the complication of potential fallout from the recent Heller decision where nobody really knows what's going to happen with NFA(or anything else). Add in the unrest with the upcoming election where one body of thought says to buy everything now while you can and another body says to sell everything now while you're still able(and the population of people doing either changes daily)and you can see that the market is very tough right now. There's also a theory floating around that says C&R is immune to all this which is bogus. Every price affects every other price when it comes to NFA. If there are cheaper alternatives, huge segments of the market will go there. True, a wealthy collector with unlimited funds may pay a ridiculous price for a 100% condition rarity, but that doesn't have much bearing on the rest of the market.

For instance, some might pay $20k for an original M16A2 when the only alternatives are a clone for $10k or a reworked M16A1 for $14k, but things change when you throw in the possibility of a clone for $1000(which isn't a current option). Same thing with a $40k Thompson when you throw in the option of a $1000 reweld made from unfired guns. Never believe that C&R is bulletproof when it comes to future values. That's a line of bull promoted by sellers of C&R guns. Sure, they will always carry some premium, but that's a far cry from saying their current high prices are safe.

Without doing any research and not knowing your gun, I'd guess you're looking at +/-$12k for a quick sale. If you ant more, do the extra work.

July 01, 2008, 09:50
also has a class III listing area.
Good Luck

July 03, 2008, 19:20
a friend of mine ( class 3 dealer) uses subguns.com. he did a auction there and sold a 1921 colt thomaspon there. he was well pleased.:) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)