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June 22, 2008, 17:51
OK, a NEWBIE to this forum, but not to the FAL - I have owned a 50.00 National Match since 1989. But that rifle needs to be kept nice and safe anymore (there ain't no more of those) so I am looking at getting a DSA para carbine as my "regular" FAL shooter . But I have questions, many of them I'm sure are of the "D'Oh!" type to the experts here, but I hope someone can help. Here goes:

1. Is the 18" barrel the standard military barrel length for the para FAL, or is it 16"? I'm worried that a 16" barrel will be substantially less accurate than an 18", and produce a whopping blast and flame. I know either would not be as accurate as my original FAL. Which would y'all recommend?

2. Did the military standard para FAL (Model 50.63) have a carrying handle? Most images I've seen appear not, but I don't know for sure. The carrying handle has always seemed bloody useless, IMHO.

3. Some folks recommend the folding L1A1-type cocking handle (won't gore you if you fall on your weapon). But others say that you will burn your fingers if you try to use it after a few rounds - and say stick with the standard one. Still others are recommending the "Israeli" cocking handle, as it can function as a forward assist. Opinions?

4. I have never fired the para version of the FAL, but the badly bruised cheekbone I got years ago from an HK93-A3 fills me with caution. Some on other forums say there is no comparison (and you can get a pad for the FAL folder, which you can't for the HK), and recommend the para stock over a fixed stock.

5. The "Austrian" flash hider/muzzle break. It seems a rather complicated design, and I was wondering if it was superior to the standard FN short flash hider/muzzle break. I have never examined one personally, and can only surmise all those grooves are for launching rifle grenades - something that is not really on my list of FAL objectives. Would you put one on your rifle?

Many thanks in advance to all who wade through this, and to those who take the time to reply.


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June 22, 2008, 19:44
Shoot the one you have!

Barrel length has nothing to do with accuracy just velocity.
Standard para length is 18" or 17 and 3/4" FN made both lengths.

The FAL has very little recoil compared to the HK 93

I have a folding cocking handle on a few of my FAL's and they do not get hot from normal shooting.

The STG/stoll flashider is a very good flashider.

J. Armstrong
June 22, 2008, 20:44
NEVER compare FAL and G3/91 ergos - the FAL is very comfortable even in the para config. If you have a problem it is more likely the shooters' hold than the rifle or stock. However, unless you truly need the folding function for storage or transposrt, I wouold say stick with the fixed stock.
The folding cocking handle is fine. It is a bit slower and more difficult to use, the invariable trade off for less protrusion. The Izzy handle is fine, although I personally think fwd assist is somewhat overrated and best used with discretion and with minimum force.
The 18" barrels are generally sweet, offering improved and quicker handling, smaller envelope, and really no noticeable loss in velocity or energy, nor do they appreciably increase the muzzle signature. Moses is too self effacing; his own "Hurricane" FH is superb. The Austrian Stoll is effective but way heavy - a shortened version is commonly available and near ideal, although I still prefer the "Hurry". Combine the 18" barrel with an alloy lower for what IMHO is the optimum in balance and handling.
50.63s generally did not have carry handles, but FN was very accommodating, and did supply them with CHs on request (well, for military orders, anyway !!).
BTW, it is quite possible for an 18" barrel to be more accurate than a 21". Length is way down on the list of variables that affect accuracy.

PS - welcome aboard :beer: :beer: