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May 31, 2008, 14:35
I received my RC 98K from Family Firearms and Finish yesterday. It's a 1940 Mauser Werke Borsigwalde with a 1939 laminated stock. The barrel, receiver and stock have matching numbers with several other parts electro-penciled to match. One of these is the triggerguard/floorplate. The trigger guard has a stamped center that is peened over the triggerguard frame and there is no provision for capture screws at either mounting hole.

The floorplate has four, small narrow dimples running along both sides, with four more small dimples surrounding the hole for the release button. There is a '32" stamped in the center of the floorplate and between the floorplate and the front screw there are stamped two of what appears to be capital E's and the letters BYF . I'd appreciate any info you might be able to share. Thanks, Gary.

May 31, 2008, 15:49
its a stamped trigger gaurd. BYF is mauser i think, but itdefinately stamped.

May 31, 2008, 22:46
BYF is Mauser Oberndorf

June 01, 2008, 23:35
I have a few where the Rushuins ground out the marks. I hate that.... :(

June 05, 2008, 12:31
Thanks for your replies.