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May 24, 2008, 20:12
local funstore has a mosin i've never encountered before.

Obliterated makings (ground off) date unknown Hex cut receiver drilled and tapped for a PE mount (not weld filled, fill screws turn freely)

Obliterated tang markings (peened off)

Retrofit steel crossbolt (partial wood crossbolt showing)

Arshin marked rear sight, with markings on the right side of the sight base, struck thru. sight ladder is Chaternault style.

simple blade front eight, no protective ring or ears.

no upper handguard, barrel bands flush to barrel.

Sling rings on front of magazine and on front barrel band, bayonet lug on the bottom of the nose cap, nose cap insert fits into groove in stock and held in with a pin similar to k98 nose.

finger rest on the stock.

no toe splice, stock is a complete piece.

stock looks to have has a disk on the left side but it is missing, cut out is 1 3/4 inch across

receiver is bedded, looks to be crushed lead wire.

short cleaning rod.

Bolt head is sleeved and extractor fits deeper

the odd part is its in 8mm but its not 8mm mauser.

May 24, 2008, 21:18
"Austro-Hungarian forces on the Eastern Front captured sizeable quantities of Russian rifles, and also received large numbers taken by the Germans. In 1916, guns in Austro-Hungarian service were issued with Russian ammunition. When supplies began to run short, some guns were converted in the Wiener-Neustadt armory for the standard rimmed 8 x 50mm Austrian round."

From http://russian-mosin-nagant.com/mambo/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=31&Itemid=47.

Sounds interesting...

May 24, 2008, 21:32
ill see if i can find a 8x50 headspace gauge, that might just be it.

May 24, 2008, 21:50
Another tid-bit from a different article:

"The Austrians also experimented with converting the 7.62 x 54mm Moisin to the standard rimmed 8 x 50mm round by modifying and reboring the weapons. These pieces are marked 'OEWG' either on the top of the receiver or beneath the chamber. In addition, many of the small parts will be marked with a 'K' as was the practice with the Mannlicher Model 1895ís."

That one is from http://mosinnagant.net/global%20mosin%20nagants/Captured-Mosin-Nagants1.asp.

Perhaps the mark is still present beneath the chamber, as noted above.

May 27, 2008, 11:16
a 8x50R round fits perfect and headspaces

a K98K Mauser bayonet fits on the lug perfectly.

comparing it side by side to a few other models it looks to be built off of a Chaternault

guy who traded it in said he has no clue where it came form but it used to belong to his grandfather who was in the European theatre in WW2

he has the scope and mount that he took off, was planning on listing it on ebay

scope numbers match the ones electropenciled on the bolt and left tang of the receiver

bottom of the receiver is marked Deutsche Reich and struck through, below that its marked OEWG and a few small parts are marked with the K.

so this is a french built, russian contract, german Captured and converted, austrain transfered and converted, GI bring back Mosin Nagant.

talk about a mutt.

as as soon as i drum up the $150 they want for the gun and $250 scope and mount its going to be mine.

May 27, 2008, 11:20
A lot of history in that mutt - make sure that you get it! (Of course, I say that about all guns!)