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May 23, 2008, 20:44
Recently bought a Garand chambered in .308 from the "Garand Guy". I got the upgraded version with the new barrel-looks great and he has been good to deal with. My first trip to the range resulted in a very nice "bolt action" rifle with the action short strocking and ejecting the round but failure to feed for the first 80 rounds of high quality mil surplus .308 ball, such as Port, Aussie, Radway green. After a small amount of oil applied to the rails, she ran better but still had the identical problem with the same thing happening about once with each clip. The rifle arrived greased and ready to go, so I didn't add anymore but the recommened grease was in all the right places as per the manuel- I simply read the instructions, cleaned the barrel, checked the grease points and headed to the range.
I spoke with Tony, who thought that the gas port may be an issue and is sending me a new gas assembly....hopefully, this may fix the issue.

Have any of you encountered this problem before?

May 23, 2008, 23:45
Is the op rod operating smoothly? Take out the recoil spring, re-assemble and allow gravity to operate the bolt/op rod.
It should be smooth.
I have had a worn follower assy/bullet guide and op rod catch assy cause problems. Inspect them closely for wear and make sure they are properly greased.
A worn out gas cylinder can also cause problems.
Inspect the gas port in the barrel and make sure it's not obstructed.
Good luck, but Garand Guy should make any problems right.

May 23, 2008, 23:47
I assembled two Garands in .308 and opened up gas ports on both. First was a Citadel barrel and it needed to opened up quite a bit as port was undersize.

June 13, 2008, 17:09
IMHO.....the seller should make it RIGHT. Actually, it shouldn't have been shipped w/o a test fire. So, ship it back. Why worry?

IF he won't make good...........then worry.

I saved these for that day in the future..............(they are from various people and different fourms)

M1 Garand 7.62x 51 Gas Port Hole Size

I need some help with My Garand chambered in 7.62x51.
The case will not eject at all.
I have been told that the gas port needs to be opened up.
It is .093 diameter now does anyone know what size it should be ?


.094" is for 308... at least that is what a Citadel barrel is that I have as well as my Kreiger barrel on my Match 308 Garand..


1. Who manufactured the barrel?
2. Is headspace correct and chamber well polished?
3. Precisely what ammo are you using?
4. Has piston been examined and measured or gauged?
5. Has gas cylinder been examined and gauged?
6. Is the gas cylinder a snug fit on the barrel to minimize gas blowby?
7. Is op rod spring a recent good quality replacement?
8. Is the cam inside the op rod handle burred or deformed?
9. Is the rifle properly lubed with good grease?
Do not enlarge gas port until/unless all other remedies fail.
As I have often stated, if it is difficult to extract an unfired cartridge it is a strong indication that the ammo is too long for the chamber. That can be caused by a chamber that is not fully reamed to establish correct headspace; or it can be caused by using foreign military surplus ammo--much of which is too long for U.S. chambers.
Most functioning problems with an M1 can have various causes or combinations of causes. There is no good substitute for having the rifle in hand to thoroughly examine and test; but often, with sufficient information, corrective measures can be recommended by communications alone. When only minimal information is provided by the one seeking assistance only guesses can be provided.

Tip: Barrel Gas Port for .308 M1 Garand
From: Gus Fisher
Date: 18 May 1999
Time: 11:07:33
Most of the standard replacement .308 barrels seem to have a gas port hole size around .080", which is correct for .30-06, but NOT for .308.
The issue 7.62mm barrel had a gas port size of .106." This hole size is actually larger than required. I find the Number Drill bit that will give you a .096" hole is plenty. Some people like .100", but I've never found that to be required as long as the ammo falls in spec with military ball or Federal American Eagle or Premium Ammo.
I spend a LOT of time aligning the hole in the drill press to ensure the larger sized drill bit will go down through the center of the hole. It helps that the path of least resistance for the larger drill bit will pretty much keep it centered when you drill it. Any metal burrs, that result from the drilling, get smoothed out after 10 to 20 rounds.

If the gas port is the correct size, then check the gas piston and the gas cylinder for wear. The gas piston should be approx. .526" in diameter, and the interior of the gas cylinder should be approx. .532". A cheap gauge to check the gas cylinder is a belted magnum case. The diameter of a belted magnum rim is .532". A piston too small, or a gas cylinder too large will allow too much gas to escape and cause short stroking.

By Sailorman2 (M14tfl.com)

Aloha, Mark