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May 14, 2008, 18:22
Which is the more dependable rifle, MI Garand or FAL? Honest answers..no flames necessary:]

May 14, 2008, 18:54
While I love my Garands, and shooting them in competitions, I would vote for the FAL. The sights on a Garand easily come loose, and it has a horde of little springs that are fragile. The Fal really does not have any weaknesses or weak points, and it is sturdy as hades.

May 14, 2008, 19:59
I'd rate 'em about equal. Both have occasional stoppages, but most are easily cleared. In terms of an actual "jam" that can't be cleared by immediate action, or a parts breakage that renders the rifle inoperable, very rare for both. I've been present twice when a Fal broke a firing pin, and cannot ever remember a Garand coming off the line for a broken part. That's about it.

The interesting thing about last year's RBGC FAL match was the high number of rifles that had some kind of malfunction during the "assault" stage, which took something like 60 to 80 rounds to complete. Virtually all were the common Failures to Fire, Feed, or Eject, and were easily cleared. I will pay better attention this year, and keep an eye out for what the causes are.

I can't get away without reminding friend Hagar that the Fal has right at twice the number of springs as an M1:biggrin:

May 14, 2008, 21:12
I have had lots of both. Generally speaking the M1s are older, and more worn. I have had lots of M1s with "wandering oprod syndrome" bolt issues, timing problems etc. I have had far fewer problems with the FAL. Most of the parts kits for those are far younger than the M1s I have had.

However, if you were to spend big bucks on a spanking new (professionally rebuilt M1) vs. a new FAL, you'd be hard pressed to have a problem with either. (I don't consider FTF, FTE or other gas regulation problems a stoppage in FALs, it's all about learning your gas system, both have quirks to learn that I wouldn't call stoppages).

I really love my M1s, but at this point, they wouldn't be my first choice for a SHTF gun, The FAL or AK would. But with a reliable old M1, if you learn to use it with discipline and proficiency, you'd be hard pressed to be out gunned.

My opinion;

#1 FAL

#2 AK

#3 M1