View Full Version : A problem with Cast lead .38 bullets

K.R. Rabbit
April 21, 2008, 22:58
Hello Board,
I have a friend that lives in Yuma, AZ. He gave me a whole ammo can of 158 gr. cast lead bullets for the .38. These bullets had been stored in a storage shed in Yuma for years, the heat in the summer has to be experenced to be believed! Anyway, the gift was nice, the problem is the comercial lube has melted and now I have boxes of bullets that are all stuck together. Does anyone know of a good way to get the lube off of the bullets? I have a Star luber/sizer so I can re-lube the bullets, but right now I can't use them at all. They are all stuck together, a big mess. The lube is hard, I am hoping there is something I can soak them in and it would desolve the lube or at least remove it.
Thanks for your help in advance.

Odd Gibbs Shooter
April 21, 2008, 23:51

I had a very similar problem. I had some .45 ACP lead cast bullets that were cast about 25 years ago and they were then stored in an attic where it got extreamly hot in the summer.

I had coffee cans full of bullets that were stuck together. I simply set my kitchen oven to warm, at about 185- 200 and let them warm up. Took about a half hour for the old lube to start melting off. Dont get it to hot as it will really stink....

This is when I decided to work on an electric hotplate outside! As it all melted off I dumped them all out in some old cookie sheets and started wiping of each bullet. Worked great, and it was easier than recasting them all.

Then run them thru your Star Lubrisizer and away you go!

April 23, 2008, 22:01
Put the bullets in a large pot that SWMBO won't miss, coz you ain't gonna wanna eat out of it again! Cover the bullets with water, and put the pot on a heat source. Boil the water until all the lube is melted, and then pour the mess off.

Lube the bullets with Lee Liquid Alox, and you should be good to go.