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April 21, 2008, 17:27
I have a K98, the KAR98KDS-T as it is now called, ;) and it always wanders the last 2 rounds out of 5 right and low about 1 inch at most. if I single load it, it will do it about 50/50. but I have not really tested it so much to know for sure on the single load. Its not heat, as it does not seem to care, it just opens up the group a bit when its hot, with the last 2 again going low right. ANy suggestions?

April 22, 2008, 07:36
FWIW--I'll bet a lot of people would like to have the "problem" of losing two shots out of five by an inch.:wink:

I'll be standig by, waiting for somebody to say it's magazine pressure on the bottom of the bolt.:biggrin:

April 22, 2008, 08:18
It has to be magazine pressure on the bottom of the bolt. :wink: :biggrin:

Are the action screws snug?

April 22, 2008, 08:30
I'd try pulling the stock and checking for "high" spots in the barrel channel.

After trying the other suggestions, o course.

You're getting a lot out of that ole Mauser. Like to see some groups after you get it "fixed". :D

April 22, 2008, 11:40
panzer, check the action when the bolt is pushing the round forward to see if the round sits differently on the bolt (as its going into the chamber) between the first three and the last two rounds. Also, what distance are we talking about, 25 yds, 100 yds or what?

April 22, 2008, 17:58
At 100 yds. Mainer, it has amazd me with what it is capable of. So far, the best was .5 inches center to center for 3 shots at 100 yds, I called a 4th flyer exactly where it hit, ( had a witness ;) )then ran out of ammo for the day. I will get a picture of that one, its hanging on the range shack wall right now. I do have the backer piece that was behind it though... Hate to brag on it, cause I got lucky, the rifle does all the work and I cannot promise it every time from me.

I have checked the action screws, they are snug and have managed to stay tight so far 250 rds into it. I need to use a tourque wrench and loctite them...

the barrel channel was relieved so there is no contact, and the front bands are bedded to the wood so the barrel does free float, except the upper handgaurd rests on it. I wanted to bed the action, but not skilled enough at this juncture to give it a go, and it shoots so damn well right now as is. Bedding the front bands did shrink the 1.5 inch average down to 1 inch or less if I can keep still that long consistantly with my best effort handloads. 45 grains of H4895 in reformed '06 rem nickel cases gives me 2700 fps on the 200 grain sierra's HPBT Match. Same load in a winchester 8mm case gives me right at 2500 , so the diminished capacity of the '06 reforms ups the pressure. Still no pressure signs. I know, it seems high, but in euro trim, its just mildly hot. I have seen a factory euro hunting load boasting 2800 for a 196 grain bullet... that might be excessive, or a bad math conversion.

It gets a standard wet patch clean every trip, with some JB bore paste followed next with JB bore bright about every 250 rds or so. I am putting alot of wear on the finish though, as it is a 1945 leftover parts gun, so it was blued hastily at best.

I have to say I really LOVE this rifle. Its the kind of rifle that makes you want to be better, if that makes sense. Like a good woman, but not as loud.. :tongue:

WHats a fix for magazine pressure issues? As that does seem to be the most likely culprit. I can't sayy 100% because I have not tested it single load 2 rd load 3 round load for POI shift, which is the next thing to do....
Maybe a new spring or follower/spring combo? it has a stamped follower.

Maybe the recoil is setting back the rounds n the last 2 in the mag?

Shlomo, had a great time sunday, and thanks again for the help on the M14. Results haven't posted yet, Ill have to check back. Shoulder was a little sore though. Stayed behind and picked up a FN Hi Power at a good price too so it was a good day.

Some of you may know or not, but I did get this from Icarus before he passed, so its good that it got a good home.

April 22, 2008, 18:34
Originally posted by MAINER

You're getting a lot out of that ole Mauser.

You are doggone skippy he is. I watched him shoot it at a sniper match this past Sunday, and he more than held his own with most of the field--who were, by the way, mostly equipped with high-bux rifles & Nightforce scopes.

That match was a pretty severe challenge to both equipment and marksmanship ability. All ranges and wind were estimated by the shooter, and targets ranged from 8" steel plates down to tennis and golfballs at ranges from about 275 up to 500 yards. There were stages with running and calisthenics to get the heart rate up, and even some bashing thru the brush before shooting.

Ol' Panzer wore out quite a lot of those targets, and I'm sure he outdid quite a few of the folks with the bells-n'-whistles gear.

Good show!

April 22, 2008, 18:36
Originally posted by panzer

Some of you may know or not, but I did get this from Icarus before he passed, so its good that it got a good home.

I did not. I pray that he is now flying close to the Son.

April 22, 2008, 19:54
panzer, I have never held a K98 (would love to), but on some older bolt actions I have played with, I've seen a problem that sounds like this. If it was 25 yds then I would have ruled this out. Some older bolts seat the round under the extractor as it moves forward toward the chamber. I've seen weak mag springs still have the force to push up enough when it was compressed (by several rounds) but not have enough tension on the last few rounds. The round then get pushed forward (with the rim) not under the extractor and when the round chambers, the extractor stops before clipping over the rim. When you fire the round, it seats itself under the extractor, but the energy used to push the cartridge back causes flyers. All in the same direction. I don't know if this is your situation, but something to check on. Good luck.

April 22, 2008, 22:08
Thanks Shlomo! I did have a good time... still no results yet... I think hitting the tennis ball and the name badge suprised me the most, but the Bowling pin at 425 was my vengence... I would have put all 5 down range on it if I had to, but thankfully only needed one. I think I will be more prepared for July now. ;)

dscottch, what your saying is making a lot of sense. I have noticed a few times the last rounds having a tendency to not "control feed" properly..... looks like everyone has pointed out the mag spring for various reasons, all of which are occuring... Of course Shlomo called it out the gate :bow: eventually anyone will listen to reason, even me the notoriously stubborn, so I am going to find a new spring. Does anyone make an extra power one for these? :sad: I doubt it. :(

April 22, 2008, 22:35
On the ones I worked on panzer, I was able to "stretch" them carefully and it brought them back to life. Don't over do it, just a little at each bend and they'll come back to life. I hope to see you shoot the next match, I'm very interested in how that match works and meeting the crew here.

May 17, 2008, 22:25
Brownells had a "10% extra power spring" so I got one of those. It seemed stronger, but we will see.

As Far as the match, tied for 6th out 0f 38 shooters as far as hits , 11th overall, they based that on the results from the first stage. My worst one of course! ;)

Julys match will be 2 days, go out to 700 yds and be extrmely challenging. Water course, tree shots, movers and culvert shooting... wow...

Here is what it can do. Like I said, not me so much as the rifle. Never underestimate your K98!