View Full Version : James River Armory/Armscorp melt down part deux

April 13, 2008, 10:50
James River Armory, which had split from Armscorp was going to build forged receivers. However people that placed pre-orders for them from ad's in the "Shotgun News' have received letters stating that this will be a no-go.
Basically you have two former partners, Mark Hartman at James River Armory and Jack Fries at Armscorp. Fries has all of the machinery, and last I heard BATFE had put a stop to all production of receivers at Armscorp. James River can't produce any more receivers because of lack of machinery, and the last batch they had some were out of spec. apparently in a group buy for the Firing Line.
Add to this, no more warranty service for Armscorp receivers and at this time, I would advise to either buy Springfield Armory with a lifetime warranty, or spring for the bigger bucks and buy LRB. (Fulton Armory does not enter into this since they use Armscorp receivers)

April 13, 2008, 11:30
I bought one of the few cast receivers made by James River Armory. I was told they were fine and I am not happy to hear that some are out of spec. I was assured they were fine prior to my purchase. The receiver is currently being built with an all Winchester parts kit. It is supposed to be completed any day. What exactly were the out of spec problems? My receiver is stamped Armscorp and James River Armory. Not sure of the number of these that were made. Maybe I have a "collector piece" .


April 13, 2008, 18:22
I am not sure of the out-of-spec problems specifically. Warbird reported that he found problems on at least one of "The Firing Line" special run receivers Armscorp/James River made before going tits up. There have reportedly been others. I certainly hope you got a good one.
Armscorp, except for the seconds that Sarco had shilled were good receivers. I hate that this source has apparently gone away. I was really looking forward to another source of forged receivers as well. I really liked the almost TRW rollmark. :sad:

April 14, 2008, 13:34

I hope that Winchester parts kit is good to you and that you enjoy it.

The Armscorp receivers have always had minor issues. I've personally owned and had my hands on at least 4 of those Armscorp receivers you speak of and they are all like those produced before them and not marked JRM. There were no substantiated or documented terminal issues with the group buy receivers or those left over at JRM, other than the issues Armscorp receivers have historically had.

In fact, the last batch of Armscorp receivers are some of the very best ever produced when viewed statistically from a QC viewpoint.

The receiver mentioned above was purported to have an issue, but the authenticity of that claim is a matter of great debate and not worth your concern.

I have a JRM/Armscorp receiver now that is the very best Armscorp receiver I have ever owned. It's in the 176xx serial range. It's nearly perfect and once the bolt was lapped and trued it is one of my very favorite M14 type rifles, and that is saying a lot as I have owned, fired and tested more than my share.

It's always prudent to verify information with reliable first hand sources.
Trust but verify.

I hope your build works out as the only known issue with building around USGI barrels is that the headspace can sometimes be a bit tricky. Added to that equation is the stacking tolerance on the receiver thread depth.

April 14, 2008, 13:46
Thanks for the info on the Armscorp receiver. My receiver is in the 176XX range also. I should have my build completed any day and I am hoping to pick it up Wednesday if it is ready. The kit looked real good and the birch stock looks excellent. Thanks again for the Kit.