View Full Version : Dan Wesson .445 Supermag

April 12, 2008, 06:59
Got one a few years ago and havent really done anything with it, anyone else have one they shoot, or reload for (my next task)

April 12, 2008, 08:32
Always thought I needed a contender barrel in this caliber. Never did get around to getting one. Kept thinking I already had a 45-70 barrel and just never could bring myself to get the super mag. I like the idea and what a nice black bear/moose round it would be.

Keep in mind I don't have one, but it shouldn't be any problem reloading for. I would start with 296 or H110 and see what I got. The case is about 3/8 longer than a standard 44mag so take care not to reduce charges of 296 below what the book recommends. 296 can be a problem when you start reducing the loads to far. If you find the recoil to be rough. Rather than reduce super mag loads I would just load standard 44 mag's in it. Also I would make sure I used a heavy crimp in the revolver. You might find your bullets jump without it. I think I would stick with 240 grain and up for bullet weights. You don't say what you might be using it for. But Hornady makes a 265 grain flat point and the great 300 grain XTP. The 300 XTP is one tough bullet and I find it stays together no matter what it hits. Also any good hard cast lead bullet with a gas check would do well if the revolver shoots them well. I would also watch my brass very carefully for signs of weakening until I had it all figured out. I imagine it is a good stout round when loaded to full power in a revolver.

I think you have the best of both worlds. 44 Mag when you don't need all the power and then the supermag when you want a little extra punch. Wouldn't a nice light carbine in this round be just the thing?

Edited to add: I tend to stay away from the Sierra 300 grain semi jacketed soft points. I tried them the first year of two they came out and I had all sorts of jacket seperation. I am not knocking Sierra bullets. I like and shoot Sierra bullets a lot. I just found the early 300 grain 44's did not stay together very well for me.