View Full Version : FS M1A bedlinered GI stock

April 04, 2008, 16:14
I have for sale a USGI M1A fiberglass stock that I had sprayed with custom bed liner by Line-X. The stock was a very nice form with nice crisp raised grip areas on the PG and forward on the stock at the hand holds. Itís a GI fiberglass that had for some reason discolored from its normal brown tone such that it was a candidate for this special treatment otherwise in perfect shape. I wanted to make essentially a stock like the SOCOM rifle but discovered a friend had an original one he wasnít using any more and got a real SOCOM stock for a trade. Now I donít need this one.

The stock was professionally masked/taped by the technician at the butt, the magwell and along the top edge where the recv would sit inside the stock. The it was shot with a thin but complete coating of black Line-X and the areas that were not shot with the Line-X were pre-sprayed by me with two light coats of flat black alumahide II.

It came out nice but I really wanted the real thing. This one has a nice rough feel to it (he fogged it with a nice mist) but not enough to rub your cheek raw. Itís a nice texture all around. No other hardware comes with it but the front sling swivel that I have not put back on yet (taped on in the pics). I was going to use the black rubber butt pad on it instead of a standard M1A pad anyway.

Line-X charged me $45 to do it and so Iím asking that for it + shipping.

Posted with pictures in the Marketplace also.....