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April 04, 2008, 15:01

Reference: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/PIAT

April 04, 2008, 15:52
"It's an organized crime ring today. Is it a terrorist cell tomorrow? That's what concerns us," he said.


another phrase for "please give us more funding"

the authorities woulda been squirting all over themselves had they accually found a live round for the bazooka. without ammo, all that is, is a big chunk of pipe

April 04, 2008, 23:05
I like that the most dangerous thing on the wall was what looked to be a glock21 gen1, Because I seriously doubt those AK's are nicely tuned shooting machines.

What really pisses me off is when police, armed with automatic assault weapons, hollow points, body armor and all the backup and training in the f$&ing world, are cringing in fear that a criminal without backup, or armor, might have the possibility of being armed with a semi auto AK. Because regardless of how the media might like to spin it select fire, or WW2 era ANTI-TANK weapons, are not falling out of the sky into the hands of criminals.

When overseas if you run into combatants operating without support and armed ONLY with AK's then you are in a pretty damn good position in life. When most of the time it is usually somewhat well trained or at least battle hardened teams, operating with select fire AKs, AKMs, RPKs rpds,pkms, RPGs, sniper support and on occasion armored vehicles, or light vehicles armed with recoilless rifles, or heavy machineguns. But no, stop the friggin press, it might be pusher Juan with his pawn shop sks with bayonet attached, terrorizing Miami with 5 rounds of 7.62x39 fury.

It is absolutely ridiculous how spineless some American law enforcement have become, or perhaps it is just they have to make everything sound worse than it is just to get their homeland security check coming every year.

April 08, 2008, 14:05
Years ago I was in the retail gun business. If someone brought in this "collection" for sale, I would have offered them $1500 for everything. I almost started laughing when I scrolled thru the pics. Especially the close-up of the mismatched birdshot in a bandolier, oh and this is hilarious.... the tiny pile of 7.62x39 with some empty pistol shell casings to make it look like there is a larger amount.

April 08, 2008, 18:40
Originally posted by kaiserworks
.... the tiny pile of 7.62x39 with some empty pistol shell casings to make it look like there is a larger amount.

Also in the bottom corner of the pile is a dangerous .22 short :uhoh:!!!

April 08, 2008, 23:56
I think I am better equipped....


A few duplicates; the last rifle is an FN Special Police Rifle in .308

The local front running candidate for Chief of Police asked me for a floor plan of my house...so they know where I will be barricaded...:rofl: I told him to come find me! Actually I created a secured gun room - safes and a reinforced locked closet. I told the Captain not to worry since they know I have a couple of guns I would be on my front stoop, hands in the air, if they ever dispatched to my address!

Douglas Wozny
April 09, 2008, 07:42
Is a PIAT (Projector Infantry Anti Tank) even classified a firearm? It is just a big a$$ spring in a tube!

April 10, 2008, 21:55
I would have told the Chief to stuff it. If he needed my floor plan, ask my attorney for it. :redface: :cool:

April 11, 2008, 11:56
Sheriff is an elected position. He is doing what he thinks will give him a couple more votes in the next election. Problem is, you can become an elected Sheriff and be an elected idiot! Most likely, some of his own guys got a chuckle when they saw this in the media. If they had recovered a couple of beltfeds, some plastic, suppressors, subguns etc, OCSO would have something to crow about. Somebody will turn the ringleaders into snitches and they will get to walk or receive minimal sentences. We certainly hope the rightful owners will have their possessions(dangerous arsenal items) returned.