View Full Version : Mossberg 4x4 in 30-06...Opinions?

Hellion Productions
March 25, 2008, 00:31
I'm feeling the call of a Mossberg 4x4 in 30-06. Anyone have any experience with them, or the 100 ATRs? Push feed or control feed? Decent trigger? Groups? Fit and finish?


Talk me into or out of this rifle, por favor.

John Bear Ross

March 25, 2008, 09:19
Did you see this review?


Don't know how much Mossyberg spends at ST for ads or what effect that has on the review.
This would be very hard to beat for a low priced rifle. Being more of a traditionalist, I liked the 100 ATR a bit better. Hard to tell without seeing them side by side, but the stock on the 4X4 is a bit weird to me.

In the under $500 range, the Howa 1500 has looked to be the best bargain, Hogue stock and a rep for great accuracy. Mossy may be a contender and I believe it is made in the US.

Bottom line for me is, it's a push feed and I'm a Mauser nut. If it isn't Mauser, I keep looking. FWIW, I have a Rem. 700 PSS. I'm not impressed!

The Mossy looks like a good hunting rifle that doesn't need pampering.

If you get one, post a review please! :D

March 26, 2008, 10:47
Coupla years ago, a guy at the range had one of the ATR's and was doing some pretty 200 yd work with it. Another one was at the range I frequent now this past fall. I was unimpressed with the fit and finish. It felt a bit cheesy at first. (he let me shoot it). After a few rounds, I was well impressed. I did one three round "burst" and it just ate ammo as though it liked it. My best group sucked, but the owner was clovering three shot strings at 100 consistently. All handloads, by the way.

If I wanted a "store bought" rifle right now, I would look no further for the price range.

^ = $0.002 :tongue: