View Full Version : How accurate is your 16.25" barrel?

March 24, 2008, 22:16
Basically I want to rebarrel my old rifle with a shorter barrel and I have not been able to decide which one to go with. The choices are. DSA 18" Para barrel or the DSA 16.25 carbine barrel. I was also planning to attach a flash hider to it. My question is....is there only a marginal difference in range and accuracy between these 2 barrel lengths?

Deer Hunter
March 25, 2008, 12:58
Marginal at best.

Pick whatever you feel like picking. I went with the 18 inch barrel and dont regret it. It gives the rifle great balance with a short belgian flash hider.

If you want the 16", go for it. You're not losing much between the two.

March 25, 2008, 13:52
I regularly get 1/8" MOA at 1000 yards with Indian Mil-Sup. I usually do a good bit better with commercial...


March 25, 2008, 13:58
Thanks for the replys guys. I ended up researching the diferences as far as muzzle velocities and muzzle enregy depending on the barrel lenght and decided to order an 18". You fellas are right, it's pretty much marginal for a battle rifle. I also went with the YH Phantom flash hider for it.

J. Armstrong
March 29, 2008, 21:39
+1 on the 18". I know a lot of guys swear by the 16s, but I'm more comfortable with the 18s. They generally don't need any gas port tweaks to function properly ( although that is admittedly not a big deal ) and mine have uniformly shot well. Still enough shorter to be significantly handier in the close stuff.
I also agree about the balance being good. I used a Moses Hurricane on one with an alloy lower, and IMHO this is a primo combination - much the same balance as an 18" with a steel lower and standard combo device, but of course lighter overall. The short barrel and light FH combination felt a tad assheavy to me, although that's putting a pretty fine point on it, especially considering the dang price tag on the lower !!

March 29, 2008, 22:40
As the voice of dissent here, my 16" FAL shoots on par with my full sized STG-58. Both are very accurate with the right ammo (Port and Aussie seem to do best), and there's not really much difference in the size of the groups from either rifle.

Recoil seems lighter in the fullsized rifle,but that may be a function of muzzle blast as opposed to actual recoil force.

The barrel cut down was done by our very own moses. The 16" is the rifle that even FAL haters give props to, owing to its accuracy, reliability, cool look, and most of all...an outstanding trigger job by moses!:shades:

March 30, 2008, 09:21
I just got a 16" DSA STG. If I do my part I can get 2-3 inch groups at 100 yds, which is good enough for me. That being said I have the fever now and want a 21"!

J. Armstrong
March 30, 2008, 10:04
I have long held that despite the frequent questions we all see raised here, that short barrels are often, if not usually, more accurate than their longer brethren. The trade off in muzzle velocity is pretty negligible unless you're one of those 1000 yard guys ( I can't even see the ground at that range :sad: ).

Really comes down to preference - it's why they make vanilla and chocolate - provided you think through your application and weigh the pros and cons. A lot of the differences such as handling characteristics are so subjective you really need to actually shoot each vasriant to find out what floats yer boat. For me it's the 17 3/8 and 18 inchers, YMMV !!

Of course, there is an unwritten FAL law which demands that, budget permitting, everyone must own at least one 21 incher :biggrin:

April 09, 2008, 17:19
I did receive the flash hider, which is pretty solid and made by YHM. The barrel however is on back order due to production and was told by DSA that it will be a while. :uhoh:

Silver Fox
April 15, 2008, 12:28
Just a suggestion here...

contact adam762 (member file name) and see if he can do anything for you.

my $.02 worth.


April 18, 2008, 13:06
I recently cut mine to 16." Can't really notice a differance.