View Full Version : How to tell if a FAL receiver is full auto

February 03, 2008, 11:31
Originally posted by traines
"And by the way, when did entrapment become legal? If entrapment was TRULY legal, NO place would EVER be allowed to sell 'how to make a silencer' or 'how to make a pistol' books EVER again. How is one legal, but the other not? so you can buy a machine gun book, but you cant ask about it? I'm seeing a lot of inconsistency there...."

I have always wondered if the people who sell this stuff via book cd what not are acutally the feds, anyways late for class again. I hate this school stuff wish i had stayed in. Entrapment may not be legal but for the guys with their heads in the sand here's a news flash.. Everything the gov. does is not always legal and there's alot of stuff they can do thanks to the Patriot act that is legal but still not right. To use your example about the gun show guys selling how-to books.. Let's take this a little further. The books are perfectly legal to own and sell. It's also perfectly legal for the guy lurking around the corner with the spit shined shoes to watch you buy the book, follow you out to your car, take down your license number, and start a file on you... Pick up an issue of Shotgun News and order one of those "perfectly legal pre-ban" AR15 drop in auto sears and see if it dosn't earn you a "visit".... To get back on topic. There are several smiths on this board who are licensed to do FA conversions on FALs and have experience in doing it and it would be best for your friend to contact one of those guys directly. Lots of guys here have a fair idea of what's involved but getting advice from someone who read about it here and has never done it may cause your buddy to ruin a perfectly good reciever. Example.. you buy a new reciever from DSA and JoeBubba tells your 07 buddy how to do the conversion. He gets it wrong and now you have a $450 reciever you can't sell and can't ever use for a semi build because by maching on it you've created a FA reciever (one that dosn't work to boot) Now your buddy has a $450 paperweight to remind him to ask the experts next time..