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January 22, 2008, 11:19
Have been researching quite a bit, and have not been able to find any practical zeroing procedures for the FAL. The FN manual states:

The rifle is zeroed, i.e. the sights are correctly adjusted, before issue to the user but it may require some attention to correct for elevation and direction to suit individual needs. Such correction must be done by a qualified armourec, or on instructor, who will have the special tools to do this.
a) Correction for Elevation
Errors in elevation are corrected by screwing the foresight up or down. If it is screwed up, the M. P. I. will be moved down and vice-versa. A spring detent locates and holds the foresight in position, which forms a clicking device with the
16 equal divisions serrated under the foresight collar; this assists the armourer when calculating movement of the M. P. I. Moving the foresight 1 division (or click) is equal to a variation in M. P. I. of 1 cm at 100 metres (approx. 0.39 at 109 yds).
b) Correction for Direction
Errors in direction are corrected by moving the backsight to the right or left. 21 If the M. P. I. is to the right of the point sighted, the screw on the left of the sight is loosened and the screw on the right is screwed up, thus moving the sight laterally along its dovetail from right to left. Tighten the screw on the left. When the correction has been made, and before shooting, tighten both screws.
If the M. P. I. is to the left of the point sighted, the sight must be moved from left to right. A movement of 1 division (or click) is equal to a variation in M. P. I. (to right or left) of 1 cm at 100 metres (approx. 0.39 at 109 yds)."

Does anyone have a decent zeroing method other than this malarkey?
[B]Also am wondering what the initial bullet crossover point is for a field expedient zero??!!

Mosin Guy
January 22, 2008, 12:01
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Para Driver
January 22, 2008, 19:05
bore sight at 25 yards first..

25 yards, zero in the X ring
50 yards, zero in the X ring
100 yards, 2 inches high
200 yards, zero in the x ring

you should be able to do it with 20 rounds..