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November 19, 2000, 17:01
got a couple of Tapco kits. checked em against a parts diagram - looks like everything is there. anyplace i can get step-by-step instructions on how to assemble these piles of parts into a rifle?

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November 19, 2000, 17:44
1. Go here: http://gallery.uunet.be/pevame/pevame/falmanual.htm and get the manual in PDF format.
2. Have your exploded parts diagram handy
3. Start stripping it down..

I normally start by disassembling the lower (Remove the buttstock/recoil spring with a tool.. you can improvise, but remember, once that big retaining screw comes loose, it's gonna fly if not controlled), Remove the buttstock, then strip the lower receiver setting the springs aside (If you're not familiar with what spring goes where, I'd suggest you label them or get a plastic parts container and put them in there labeling where each one goes). Then I go to work on the front end, remove handguards, sling swivel, bipod, Gas tube - piston - spring, strip it down until you have nothing left but the barrel, gas block/sights (I remove the sight and spring personally.. some do some don't), and the receiver stub on the end. Then you'd be wise to read Gunplumbers FAL Smithing manual on how to get the stub off the barrel.. You'll need a dremel preferably to do this. For the bolt/carrier all you really need to do is to strip the bolt itself, remove the extractor, remove the firing pin retaining pin and the firing pin.. and that's it.

If you're going to send this kit off to a smith to have it built, just send it.. If you're going to attempt to do it yourself I very highly recommend that you download, read and then pay $5 to Gunplumber for his FAL gunsmithing manual. It's well worth the $5 fee he asks for.

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Blood of Tyrants
November 20, 2000, 20:42
Best bet is to pay gunplumber the $25 for the video he puts out. That way you can actually see him put each piece in place and more importantly, WHAT NOT TO DO. If you call him, you will have the video within 3 or 4 days.

November 20, 2000, 21:56
Tapco huh? And you got all the parts too? Lucky you. Make sure you didn't get an auto safety sear with your kit.

November 21, 2000, 12:26
The safety sear is superfluous when building a semi-auto FAL, is it not? So what difference does it make if they sent me one or not? I don't follow you on this - please explain.

November 21, 2000, 13:17
It is an illegal part you're not supposed to have. In our very anti-gun climate, some overzealous LEO could interpret one small part as having the whole thing. Please see the responses to my other post titled "Identify this part"

November 21, 2000, 13:41
I disagree with you on your interpretation of the law. If it's an illegal part - why would ATF allow it to be imported? I believe the part itself is not illegal - however if one possesses a sear-cut FAL (which I do not)AND the other parts needed to make it full auto (FA ejector block + auto sear), then one would be in possession of a machinegun.

Blood of Tyrants
November 21, 2000, 14:11
The auto safety sear is only illegal if you have a receiver that has the cut to accept it. None of those imported or built in the U.S. (that I know of) have this cut. Throw it in your tool box or better yet, throw it away and avoid any possible problems.

November 21, 2000, 15:29

I wasn't interpreting anything. I asked what it was and that was one of the answers I received. As you can see from "Blood of Tyrant's" reply, it might not even matter (although that's not quite what he said in the original reply). But depending on your state and possible overzealous law enforcing, someone could still consider it illegal. That's ALL I'm trying to say. In this case, the part is already in the trash so it's moot.

As to why would they would put it in the parts bag while leaving other essential parts out? Who knows? Carelessness perhaps?

================================================== =======

Thank you for your insight. However, the point I tried to make (in vain apparantly), is that I got the auto sear while MISSING other critical parts.

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November 21, 2000, 16:20
Wadman- The reason the safety sear is placed in the bag is because it is being sold as a "parts" kit with "all" the parts. Now you may purchase it and a semi receiver and the US parts and per BATF regs. build a "post" ban fal. The safety sear won't fit your semi receiver ( without machine work & that would be building a illegal machine gun unless you are licensed to build "post samples"). SO throw the sear in your tool box or throw away. I on the other hand owning a legally reg. class 3 fal machine gun and buy the same parts kit have replacement parts for my rifle including the safety sear in case my breaks.
I hope this helps

Woof Woof

November 21, 2000, 17:00
Wadman - thanks for the input. Wasn't meaning to cast dispersions on your intellect, or anything of that nature. I appreciate the fact that you were warning me about a possible legal problem.

November 21, 2000, 17:08
No problem, frank1ray. It's just that when you hear about stories of people having Leatherman tools confiscated and towns trying to outlaw Swiss Army knives, well, you just get sick of it all.

August 21, 2001, 20:48
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Stone Mason
January 03, 2005, 16:43
I hate to resurrect such an old thread, but it is listed as a "must read before asking questions" thread. Well, there's a problem with that.
1. Go here: http://gallery.uunet.be/pevame/pevame/falmanual.htm and get the manual in PDF format.
2. Have your exploded parts diagram handy
3. Start stripping it down..
I've been trying to rundown that pdf file for a couple of days now, with no luck. The link is broken. Does anyone know where I can d/l a copy of this file (as I'm new to the FAL community)?


January 03, 2005, 17:30
how bout this one
from biggerhammer.net (http://www.subguns.com/biggerhammer/manuals/pdfs/fnfal_manual.pdf)
if prompted:
user: manuals
word: chipin

Stone Mason
January 04, 2005, 10:55
Great! That will help.

I just aquired a FAL (I don't know enough to say what type) with an Imbel type III receiver. It had a small anout of surface rust (mostly the bolt/action cover) from being in a deceased man's barn for a couple of months. I bought it at auction for $75. Not sure what I want to do next.

January 04, 2005, 11:11
$75!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :eek:
next step: sell to me for $150 for an amazing return! LOL
i'd suggest after you takedown & clean to:
-get her headspace checked
-try to determine if you have enough US made parts installed not to be in violation of 922r
-get some ammo and mags!
if you have pics, let's see em! we can probably figure the origin of the parts.
$75!!!!!!!!!!!! sorry, i'm still freaking out!
obtw if you do post pics / more questions take em over to 'general discussion' or 'G&BIY' so we don't clutter R&D
welcome to the club (affliction)!