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October 30, 2000, 16:17

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October 30, 2000, 16:54
Yes and no.

You'll need to get the barrel off. In this fashion, you can install the "socket, rear, handguard" w/o damage. These parts are different on their respective metric variants.

We had a post about slitting the socket and installing it around your already installed barrel. Quien sabe?

After you get the socket on, you'll need the small horseshoe that slips over the gas tube. This collar is a spacer, preventing the forearms from collapsing in use. The Israeli HB forearms are identical left and right. This minimizes spare parts issues for the military armorer. You only require one collar.

The "screw, handguard" from either an StG or an Israeli should fit just fine, IIRC.

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October 30, 2000, 19:03
I made a "tool" to restamp the rear of the handguard metal,( where it fits into the ring)It "reforms" the metal to the smaller diameter of the stock STG handguard retaining ring..... fits perfectly. So it can be done WITHOUT removing the barrel. The Izzy handguards look bichin too!! AND they don't get HOT!! http://www.fnfal.com/forums/biggrin.gif

October 30, 2000, 19:32
OK guys don't cringe but this is what I did. I cut out a small section on each end of the handguard and the cut slits in the metal so I could bend the metal in to fit the barrel handguard ring. It looked like sh#t so I put JB Weld on and shaped into a ring. I then repainted the handguards with the bed liner paint and believe it or not it looks good. It was a tight fit the first two times I put them on but now they fit great. So far no cracks in JB weld as metal is imbedded in it. Just remember that I am in Arkansas and we use JB Weld, duct tape and bailing wire for everything. A lot of work but worth it. I just wish that damn wood buttstock would shrink back into shape.

October 30, 2000, 20:49
Ummm...maybe I'm missing something here...

All I did was bend in the upper edge of the rear of the guards until it fit nice and tight and I could barely get the retaining screw throught the gas block. That and a little judicious bending of the metal sections on top in front of the wood and presto! perfect fit! I didn't do anything to cover the gas tube on top as your hand can't get down in there and I have a full-length gas tube.

You can see some lovely photos of my newly refinished izzy furniture here [shameless plug!]: http://www.fnfal.com/forums/Forum8/HTML/000069.html

Now I'm gonna make a wood carry handle to replace this crappy plastic thing...hmmmmm...oak...yes oak...


p.s.-why does the board hide text written inside the greater than and less than brackets?

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October 30, 2000, 22:24
You're right this is the look, now that I got me a new set, this weekend I'm gonna make these fit. With my SUIT, it will be BAD..that's the look, All this techo is real helpful..for a faloholic. Then until I get my HB izzy kit done, I'll....have to think of something else... http://www.fnfal.com/forums/biggrin.gif

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Keith Buckner
October 30, 2000, 22:42
I haven't tried it yet, as I'm still rebuilding my Izzy HB right now (waiting on the cut barrel to get back), but I got in some LB furniture I plan to mount to my stg58. I took a good look at it and it seems, to me that I can simply reduce the rear circumference of the handguards by gently squeezing them each a little in my 8" Vise.

Doesn't seem like a big deal to me (yet).