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August 07, 2001, 17:43
I read the other day that buffers in a FAL can lead to eratic functioning? I looked but did not see the post it was in. Has anyone had trouble with theirs?


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August 07, 2001, 17:47
It may affect what gas setting you require (MAY), but it will not affect reliability in my experience.

I have used buffers for about 3 years, BTW.

August 07, 2001, 18:53
The way I saw it when I got my first FAL, what could it hurt? I had not heard about any issues with functioning, so I use them.

It seems only logical that a hunk of metal slamming against another metal part with God knows how much force can't be good in the long term. (in terms of wear) I know the amount of thought and design that went into the development of the FAL, but it also seems that a buffer is bound to do some good from the standpoint of causing less wear.

I've had no problems with functioning on any of my FALs.

Bill Woodward
Portland, OR.

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August 07, 2001, 18:58
Sumo I used one in my FAL for awhile and had no problems with it. I dont know why I took it out, but then again I dont know why I do half of the stuff that I do anyway, but I dont see it affecting the fal in adverse way.

August 07, 2001, 18:59
What is the benifit of using these buffers? I've seen them advertised, but are the claims true? Less recoil? Less wear and tear on the rifle? Is sticking a large piece rubber in your rifle really a good idea? :eek:

August 07, 2001, 19:33
I have used them now for a few years in my FALs with no problems. They are a somewhat common part in some full auto weapons, obviously to custion the impact of metal parts. I can not help to believe that if you can eliminate any metal to metal contact you are extending the life of your weapon, provided you do not hinder reliability. Practical pistol shooters have been using polymar shock buffs in their M1911s for 20 years, they must be doing it for a reason.

August 08, 2001, 11:16
I use them and like the idea that maybe I'm lessening wear. I've experienced no reliability/malfunction problems.

August 08, 2001, 12:10
I haven't had any problems with mine, other than the fact that I have to close the gas down ~1-2 more than normal for reliable functioning. This shouldn't adversely affect the rifle in terms of longevity.

August 09, 2001, 00:10
The easy solution to excessive wear is to BUY MORE FALs Bwahahahahaha!! That way, you can spread the wear and tear out between 4 or 5 rifles, thereby saving the price of the buffer! :D

That's what I'm doing....

August 26, 2003, 05:09
Here's a pic of the buffer I made for my FAL.


Mad Dog 7.62
August 26, 2003, 15:36
I took two of Randy's Blackjack Buffers to the range today, one in the Para and one in a Izzy SB. No problems with either one, I did notice I had to close my gas regulator on both rifles down 1 number, but I attributed it to some kind of other variation like temperature or ammo. I see others have had the same experience and I'm not sure why the buffer being in place would require the gas setting to be changed, but apparently it does. After that adjustment, I had no functioning or reliability issues. If you notice the two marks on the pic of the blackjack buffer, that is where to trim them for the Para, and they work fine in it.
Whether to use a buffer or not is a personal choice, except on some kinds of firearms....try shooting a Mac or 1919 without one sometime! On a FAL or L1A1 with a properly adjusted gas system, they probably do a bit less good than on some other firearms, just by virtue of the fact we can regulate how hard the action cycles. Still, I can tell you after putting a lot of rounds through each of those rifles today, they do not affect reliability, and if they cushion some of the metal to metal banging, they can't be hurting anything. For the cost, again, it's your choice, but it's pretty cheap insurance.

August 26, 2003, 21:08
I use buffers on both my 1911s, my Garand, L1A1, Mini 14 and my son's M1A. No problems with any of them. I have had problems with the Factory Buffer in my daughter's Star PD. It spreads under recoil and will rub against the slide impeding function. Easy fix, just change it every 500 rounds. That is quite a few for the PD. Not wear on the gun, it's just a little light for a .45 ACP. My daughter carries it and practices with it but does most of her shooting with one of my 1911s.

August 31, 2003, 11:02
I've used buffers on everything I can get them for. They reduce a little of the perceived recoil, and have quieted down some of my noisier weapons. In my Mini-30, it REALLY reduced the spring noise.
Try one in your 10-22. You'll be amazed, especially if you have a LOT of rounds through yours. Like a new gun!
The only problems I've ever had, is that the FAL bolt carrier wanted to stop moving back RIGHT AT the spot where the BHO would come into effect. No real problem, I just trimmed the pin from .310" projection to .290". Now no troubles. WECSOG BHO anyway.