View Full Version : Technical: does Inch lower use Locking Plate?

August 01, 2000, 12:07
I have an inch pattern lower that appaers to use the locking plate to secure the hammer and trigger pivot pins. Both pins have grooves at the shoulder end like their metric counterparts. What documentation I have on the inch models does not show such a plate nor does this lower receiver have one as part of the set. Is such a plate used on inch models and if not what secures the pivot pins into the receiver?

August 01, 2000, 12:17
there is a locking plate on the inch lower.it is different from the metric one a little.it attaches to the lower receiver wall.

Cut the blue wire! Erik

Dan at VOW
August 01, 2000, 13:02
It seems like mine was not attached to the receiver, but was secured by the pin the went through the hammer. I am trying to remember as I don't have mine available. It was either secured by the pin through the hammer or by the selector. It was not secured to the receiver in the same manner as the metrics. Dan at VOW

August 01, 2000, 20:20
The plate on inch fals is pinned to the inside of the lower on the right, between the triggeraxis pin and the hammer axis pin. Have a photo but can't get it to load.