View Full Version : Legal: Parts Count (by new FALoholics)

July 17, 2001, 17:46
Where can I find information on the number of US and/or import parts needed to make a FAL legal here in the Republic of Texas? Can someone also tell me in simple terms the major differences between a L1A1 and STG58? Thanks ahead of time for any info 'cause I know these questions have been answered many times. :confused:

July 17, 2001, 17:57
Go to the FAQ, and do a search on L1A1, StG, etc.

Go to the Gun Rights Debate forum and do the same.

StG- rare Austrian metric variant, but plentiful in this country. Rare is realtive, over 100K made, but there were 93 countries using the FAL.

L1A1- Commonwealth or Inch pattern variants, made in ABC (Asutralia, Britain, Canada).


- Magazines are NOT interchangeable, although you can shoot metric mags in Inch receivers.
- Selector lever shapes
- Inch barrels require a breeching washer under the shoulder for headspace adjsutment
- Shape of furniture, and most Australian Inch patterns came w/ wood, but most (most) used plastic on Canada and Britain L1A1 rifles
- Shapes of muzzle devices
- Internals are similar, but not interchangeable
- Sights differ, but interchange at the backsight. The foresight pin will not interchange.
- Shape of magazine release
- Method of attaching pistol grip

That's the high points. Surf around some. There exist other minor differences.