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July 16, 2001, 11:38
I have an older Century L1A1 that has the flat sided pistal grip on it. I believe it is an aussy l1a1 with the two vent holes in the fore arm, humpback stock. I would like to put the newer looking round, hollow grip on, and was wondering what I would have to do,to get that grip to work on my rifle.What mod's I would have to perform to get it to work, would I have to replace the trigger works, and so on. Any help. :confused:

July 16, 2001, 13:11
It sounds like you have an inch lower on your rifle. To get the pistol grip that you want would require you to switch to a metric lower. Its a simple swap if you have the parts but could be expensive if you dont. You might have luck trading the parts on here for what you want. The front sight will not work with metric rear sights so the original rear sight will need to be retained and put on the metric lower.

If I were you I would purchase a cheap metric kit and swap out the parts you want and keep the extra for spares. Part are getting more expensive everyday so a cheap parts kit may be $200.

About 5 years ago I took a Century L1A1 and converted it to a STG58. I replaced the barrel with the metric one. Century installed barrels are easy to remove. I then sold all the L1A1 parts on the internet and broke even in the end.


July 16, 2001, 13:46
Thanks Allan for your help.

July 16, 2001, 16:12
My first FAL was a Century L1A1 the old one with the thumbhole stock and no US parts. The lower had been modified (butchered) by them to fit the horrible stock. Also at the time US parts for inch gun were hard to find. So I replaced the lower with a striped metric lower. All most all the small inch parts parts fit. I did remove the safety stop pin so a could use the inch safety with out modification. Used iron wood stock and pistol grip and DSA trigger, hammer and sear. It dos not look like a mutt at all. I am very happy with the results.

The only down side in your case is the but stock on your gun is probably a US part and will not fit the metric lower.


it’s the one with the wood stock

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July 17, 2001, 09:03
Thanks 3 gun
Thats what this is, a Century L1A1 that had the ugly thumb hole stock, and several years ago, thur Shotgun News, I picked up one of those packs that has the pebbel grain, used military pistal grip, stock, flash hider. It fit right on perfic. It looks good, I mean I love that rifle, but I like the looks of the slim forearm, and round pistal grip.

July 17, 2001, 09:08
3 Gun
I like the one on the far right. thats what I would like mine to look like. Forearm, bi-pod, pistal grip, and all. You have some nice FAL's.