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August 13, 2000, 22:35
I am new to the FAL rifle and so far am enjoying both the weapon and this forum. I have read that Bren mags can be modified for use in the FAL and am wondering what the modification consists of...can anyone help me out?

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Richard Bird
August 14, 2000, 03:32
I had to relieve either side inside the mag
at the top where the tips of the cartridges were rubbing just before exit.
I made two very light reliefs with dremel grinder.
The binding is exacerbated when these VERY tight fitting modified bren mags are inserted. So, function testing in the rifle with proper length dummy rounds is recommended.

derek huffman, azexarms
August 14, 2000, 23:36
bzzt! the answer is, dont grind the tab, unsolder it, and restamp the small cut in the front, I just did a half dozen and the one I ground looks like poop, but it works, the others look much better and work just as well. the only prob is you have to refin the mag body, I'm thinking about adding this service for 15/20 bucks per mag, including refin in satin black (or any color) Parkote and return shipping. D.

August 15, 2000, 00:34
Ya but where can i find some of these bren mags?

derek huffman, azexarms
August 15, 2000, 07:24
DSAs got em, I think, 60 bucks each, (ouch) D.

August 17, 2000, 17:24
FWIW, there is buzz that modifying a pre-ban magazine MAY constitute building an illegal post-ban magazine if it doesn't work in the gun the magazine was originally meant for.

Can't recall where I read this particular bit of FUD, but I think it was on http://www.ak-47.net , regarding AK-47 mags and the Saiga 7.62x39 sporter, which requires feedramps in the mag itself. May want to get a BATF letter on this one.

Addendum: http://www.ak-47.net/akcgi/Forum10/HTML/000995.html

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derek huffman, azexarms
August 18, 2000, 08:28
not. MMag and CandS Metalwerkes have been doing mods on Suomi drums for AR9mm and MP59mm for years. No probs. I even considered doing up a Suomi drum for my Oly 9mm uppered machine gun. woo hoo! rock and roll! D.

August 02, 2001, 19:11
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