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October 29, 2000, 12:21
If my locking shoulder is just a little too big is it o.k. to file it down a bit? Any
help would be welcome. Thanks

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October 29, 2000, 14:56
I wouldn't. I don't believe that they are fully hardened parts. I've never destroyed one to verify my theory though.


October 29, 2000, 14:56
I think a file is the wrong tool for the job, since you'll only be relieving, at most, a few thousandths of an inch of the metal. Using a stone or emery cloth is probably a better choice. Ask one of the smiths on the board for ways to determine the proper shoulder size for your gun.


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October 29, 2000, 15:17
In Gunplumbers video...He does just that..(files it)...He goes on to say that you have to have a VERY hard file, and that you may use a stone or emery cloth on a hard backing. http://www.fnfal.com/forums/biggrin.gif

October 29, 2000, 16:02
They are trough hardend and I replace my two "hard" files about every other month. Between filing numbers off bolt carriers and bolts, and altering locking shoulders, I get about 8 weeks out of a $6 Nicholson triangle file. About three strokes that you see actually cut is a thousandth of an inch. So going from a .263 to a .258 with a stone is going to be a LOOOOONG process.

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October 29, 2000, 19:14
I use a fixture that locates shoulder at correct angle and cut them with carbide end mill.

November 01, 2000, 11:24
I was able to take @ 5 thousandths off my locking shouldler on my first kit. It takes some time and requires a steady hand, and lots of care not to change the angles on the flat surface. Go slow, measure often and you will be fine. 3000+rnds though mine and no problems. RT

November 03, 2000, 20:10
Thanks for all the help. I did as suggested and all went fine. Thanks again.

July 31, 2001, 20:05
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