View Full Version : Technical: L1A1 muzzle thread pitch?

September 20, 2000, 06:52
Does anyone know what the thread is on the L1A1 muzzle. I am going to install an Enterprise arms brake (when I get one) on my L1A1 but don't know what die to use.


USMC Grunt
September 20, 2000, 07:36
9/16X24 RH thread. I got my die from Field Tool in Chicago.

September 20, 2000, 17:56
So...the only difference between the metric and the inch threads is the direction of the turn?

September 20, 2000, 22:48
That's almost the only difference.The metric semi-autos that were sold to the public in Europe have right-hand threads to prevent attaching the grenade launching combo-device/flash hider.I have seen some of these in the US as well.I have a Belgian-made one chambered in .300 Savage that has right-hand threads.This one also prevents using military ammo.There are also FALs with 14mm threads,both right and left-hand threads.Some barrels that take the long,pinned flash hider have normal threads.The barrels that are made for the combo-device or the STG-58 flash hider have threads that are designed to be "crushed" or fit the flash hider threads tighter than the normal threads.There's not much difference but the short flash hiders do thread tighter than the long ones.Maybe it's in the flash hider but they are a tighter fit..........And then there's the South African conversion flash hiders to convert long flash hider barrels and unthreaded barrels to the short flash hider design.

Cut the blue wire! Erik

September 21, 2000, 10:38
Thanks for the info guys!