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December 17, 2007, 23:01
This all started my thinking when I was looking at a riffle that came out of Africa with unkown heritage. Due to other parts, I believed it to be a very early FN Type B, but I noted the lower is marked SED...

Now, I'll note for the new guys the "D" in SED is actually a horizontal almost-rectangle, not actually a "D", but we call it "D".

So, it occurred to me, if this is SED marked, must it not be a G1 or StG58 lower? That would be strange.

And thus, here's my list. Add, correct, critique.

FN-made BGS rifles

FN-made G1
FN-made StG58
Steyr-made StG58

FN-made Izzy
IMI-made Izzy

Imbel-made SAR48 and SAR4800 for Springfield
Lithgow-made L1A1 mfg prior to 1968 (has squared selector stops)
Ishapore SL1
FN-made Steyr/GS imports and G series(?)

FN-made rifles (in general, default)
ARMSCORP-made R1 and R3
Enfield L1A1 (rounded stops)
BSA L1A1 (rounded stops)
Canadian L1A1 (squared stops)
Canadian C2 (squared stops)
Lithgow L1A1 (squared stops) from 1968
Lithgow L2 (squared stops)
H&R-made T48

Please copy & add to the list in your post if you are certain. If questions or uncertain, post your assumption.

December 17, 2007, 23:37

But "SED?"

Must be German.
Probably sounds like somebody hockin' up a loogey or like some hideous
disease of the nether-regions when pronounced properly.

December 20, 2007, 07:00
As per my German CO (a tanker by trade if it matters):

S = Safe
EF OR E = Einzelfeuer
DF OR D = Dauerfeuer

He could not relate to the stange type of angular "D" that is used on the G1/STG lower, but was absolutely sure of the semi and full auto setting names.

There have been a few posts concerning G1 lowers in SA kits before...I imagine that these African armies were taking any weapons on offer during the years of embargo. Either that, or FN had some spares laying around and sent them on down maybe?


January 01, 2008, 22:43
Hello the British FN made X8 rifles were marked ASR and used a selector much like the Izzy. Thanks EX1