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May 18, 2001, 12:39
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Wollf spring recommendations for FAL

Posted by gunplumber on December 01, 1999 at 22:57:22:


Wollf springs available at http://www.gunsprings.com/

The "thread protector" on a sar 4800 has the right internal dimensions at muzzle end to be the basis for a carry handle slot filler. Turn OD and chop at appropriate width. The hole and bevel clear the rear gas tube support perfectly.
Replacement Springs.
Metric folding cocking handle spring: Wolff Heavy Duty Inch #5-8, 14 coils.
Commonwealth folding cocking handle spring: Wolff Heavy Duty Inch #5-8, 14 coils.
Metric front sight spring: No suitable replacement
Metric magazine catch spring: Wolff Heavy-Duty Inch #5-4, 10 coils
Commonwealth magazine catch spring:
Metric sear spring: Wolf Light Duty Inch #4-7, 11.5 coils
Commonwealth sear spring:
Metric trigger return spring: Wolff #5-8 Heavy Duty Metric, 12.5 coils
Commonwealth trigger return spring: Wolff #5-8 Heavy Duty English, 16 coils.
Commonwealth trigger return spring (reduced power option): Wolff #4-8 Light Duty English, 16 coils.
Metric firing pin spring
Commonwealth firing pin spring
When cutting springs, cut one coil longer than required, then flatten both ends on belt sander about coil on each end, which results in correct length.
On Argentine and Brazilian trigger return springs - they are substantially heavier than Austrian or Belgium varieties.