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March 02, 2001, 16:10
DSA sells one for "two piece" extractors for $25...I've seen the device built by Radio...and I've heard of people busting thumbs and searching for springs...

How do I know what type (number of pieces) my extractor is (CAI Israeli HB, CAI STG, and hopefully soon, Imbel FAL)?

I'll be needing it for using the Go/No-Go guages for checking headspace.


March 02, 2001, 18:27
Nope, don't need one. Here's what you do:

1. Remove bolt from slide.
2. Clamp bolt end-to-end lightly in a vise with the jaws padded, and the extractor facing up and away from you. I just padded mine with cardboard. You only need to tighten the vise enough to hold the bolt - don't clamp down hard.
3. IMPORTANT!!!! Take a rag and throw it over the extractor end of the bolt. The rag is to catch the spring and plunger and other bits that WILL go flying at least once, and are guaranteed to end up under the lawnmower that hasn't run in two years in the darkest corner of your shop.
4. Reach under the rag with some sort of tool that will fit into the little hole in the plunger (I used a nail-set because it was laying there handy on my bench) and use it to compress the spring.
5. Unhook the extractor, then carefully relieve compression on the spring.
6. Reassembly in reverse order, as they say.

If I had a choice between a stock tool and an extractor tool, I'd pick the stock tool.

March 02, 2001, 19:01
You also need it to thoroughly clean your bolt assembly.

You should never use one. Because, if you ever do, you'll never want to use anything else.

March 02, 2001, 19:07
Purists may cringe, but what I did is to take a finishing nail and clamp it in my vice. I took the bolt, inserted the petruding portion of the nail into the plunger, then pulled the bolt to the rear. Wiggled the extractor out, SLOWLY eased the bolt forward, and I was done. Worked pretty damn slick, if you ask me...

March 02, 2001, 23:31
You can see GunPlumber display a "proper" extractor tool in his famous video. It's the tool made for the job, but you're out $20-25.

My contraption is a bit clunky but it gives you complete control, i.e. no more launched springs and having to disturb that poor neglected lawnmower. The main reason I built it is because I'm cheap, otherwise I'd fork out the bucks for the "factory" job. $2.58 for hardware at Home Depot, no sales tax here in Oregon, and about half an hour with scrap wood and a drill press... hard to beat that!

If you really insist on being adventurous, I much prefer Kfranz's approach over the Chief: clamp the nail in the vise and pull with the bolt, rather than clamp the bolt in the vise and pull with the nail. It was easier for me to simultaneously push in hard against the nail while pulling back to free the extractor, than the other way, which by the way was the way I did it the very first time. The problem with either of these methods is that one little slip, and it's launch time, folks. And it's mighty easy to slip given that you're employing a sharp tool into a teeny hole and working against substantial spring pressure. See that dent in the garage wall where the spring hit? See this-here scar on my left hand when the frigging nail slipped?

What the heck, call DSA and get the danged tool. Then you can strip the extractor on the bench or in the field or anywhere.


(Edit PS MG-70: all the rifles you listed are metric and will use the same extractor tools you mentioned, AFAIK.)

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March 03, 2001, 07:43
If you go to our web site and check out "Tech Tips", you will find a couple of neat ideas for an extractor removal tool and a butt stock spring tool. I use them both all the time in our shop and they hold up to lots of use. Total expenditure for both tools was about 10 minutes and $2 at the swap meet. Keep yer powder dry, Mac. http://www.shootiniron.com

March 03, 2001, 08:53
Orca posted a way to make a cheap extractor removal tool on the old board back on 4/9/00 @ 14:34:33. I tried fooling with the URL yesterday, but couldn't get it to post with the graphic. This is no doubt due to the fact that I am such a computer genius.

If you're interested, go to the old FAL Files archives and check it out.

Orca had loads of great ideas for cheap FAL fixes. I think that if the group buy is a success, we should next raise some funds to offer Orca a re-enlistment bonus to entice him back to the board. I don't buy the excuse that he is "moving". If this is true, he must be moving via Conestoga instead of Mayflower.

Let's offer him a bonus to re-up!

Rule .308
March 03, 2001, 09:36
I have tried all of the aforementioned ways of removing the extractor including the DSA extractor tool. You know something? I was far more succesful at launching the spring with the correct tool than any other way!! It has just a small little nub on the end of it and if you rotate it even just a little while it's compressed (very easy to do) then it is all about "torpedo one away sir!". The nail in the vice method I felt worked as well if not better than anything else. Radio's widget worked well and if you were going to just swap out extractors and not have to recompress the spring because you took the bolt out of the tool then that would really be the way to go. The only thing the right tool has going for it in my opinion is portability.

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March 03, 2001, 13:57
I bought one from Bushmaster. Can't for the life of me figure out why I waited so long. Extractor tools RULE!

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March 03, 2001, 14:09
I like mine...CC

March 03, 2001, 21:28
Do you have access to a Mill or a drill press with a movable table? If so try clamping the bolt in a vise on the table. Chuck up an Allen head or a backwards drillbit. Lower the chuck into the dimple and move the table. It's a good idea to hold a rag over the bolt!

March 04, 2001, 00:37
kfranz - I had to go try your "trick" tonight after I read it and I have to admit - it worked like a champ! LOL and thumbs up to the "improvisors"

Derby FALs
March 04, 2001, 03:03
NO. But if you find one cheap enough, get it.

March 04, 2001, 03:22
I have one but don't use it.

I headspace my guns with the extractor in the bolt. Why should you have to remove it??

I jsut clean the bolt face and just use the bolt w/o the carrier and it headspaces just fine.


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305 Fal
March 04, 2001, 08:00
Granted I am new to this board, but here is how I do it:

First you need a thick transparent bag.

A stanley type 2 mm mini screwdriver with the tip ground off.

Get your bolt assembly and screwdriver and put them inside the bag,insert the tip of the mini screwdrivr into the plunger hole, pull the plunger to the rear. Shake the extractor out, eased the plunger forward, and if you let it slip it will still be in the bag

Rule .308
March 04, 2001, 11:00
I have been heavily chastized in the past for suggesting that you headspace with the extractor in, granted it is not the accepted way to do it. The guy I learned from has been building FALs long before they were ever as popular as they are today, as well as just about every other military style auto loader. He simply installs the go guage and slaps the carrier and bolt assembly home and then changes it out for the no-go and double checks it. All done with the extractor installed. Works choice every time.

Rule .308