View Full Version : Technical: metric lower receiver disassembly (step-by-step)

May 16, 2001, 20:21
Method for inch-pattern guns is substantially similar.

Remove the pistol grip.
Remove the trigger guard.
Use a wide screwdriver to pop the hammer return-spring cylinder loose from the detent in the lower receiver.
Remove the hammer-spring cylinder, hammer spring, and plunger.
Remove selector by indexing it to allow nub to pass through notch.
Pivot the frame lockng plate forward so as to disengage the notches in the hammer axis-pin and trigger axis-pin.
Remove the hammer axis-pin and hammer.
Remove the trigger axis-pin
Remove the trigger, sear, sear plunger and sear plunger spring.
Remove the trigger plunger and trigger return spring.
Remove the butt plate screw.
Remove the return spring tube nut.
Remove the return springs and plunger.
Remove the tang screw.
Remove the stock.
Remove the frame lock fastening screw.
Remove the frame locking lever.
Remove the frame lock guide pin.
Remove the frame lock, frame lock plunger and frame lock spring.

That about covers it. Reassemble in reverse order. Use the slave pin to re-install the trigger/sear assembly.
I use a slave pin .158" diameter, .640" length. Use the trigger axis-pin to push the slave pin out the opposite side.

September 04, 2001, 07:41
Nicely done, Gary!