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February 01, 2001, 00:13
I'm considering adding a SUIT to the FAL I'm having built. Derek has an Israeli he's offered me, and there are the Brit suits out there that Federal is selling.

Just wondering, other than the markings, are there any significant differences between the IZZY and Brit SUITs? Is the DSA mounting system for the Israeli pretty stable?

General info would be welcome also. Any disadvantages to using a SUIT? I tried a search of the board, but it didn't work.



Mr pogo
February 01, 2001, 06:06
Izzy range lever calibrated for 5.56mm, British for 7.62mm. No practical difference on the range from what Ive heard. Also on my Izzy SUIT there is a retaining screw for the release lever, not found on the British.

DSA mount very stable altho some have had to shim the T-bar to allow the SUIT to align with POI.

February 01, 2001, 12:04
The Israeli SUIT I have is different from the L2A2's that I have in that the Israeli has an added spring under the scope mount body that applies greater pressure on the T-Bar than the external latch spring does. I don't know if all Israelis are like this and no L2A2 SUITS have the extra spring. Just my limited observations. I don't know if the extra spring actually makes a difference.

February 02, 2001, 22:35
In the FAQ, follow the link at this thread:


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