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January 09, 2001, 14:01
Am trying to remove the gas plug/grenade sight and would like to know the procedure for removing it. Thanks.

January 09, 2001, 14:41
I'm at work and don't have it with me so bear with me....

Okay, starting from the normal firing mode with the blade stored down over the gas tube:

Push in the spring loaded plunger (left side if I remember). This allows the blade to rotate up towards the muzzle.

Rotate the blade all the way until it is vertical. Now turn the plug counterclockwise till the blade points at 9 :00. At this point, straighten the blade till it lies parallel to the barrel and rotate the plug. You'll need to have the plunger pointing right at the barrel (6:00)before you can withdraw the plug.

The only problem I had was in keeping the locking plunger depressed so it would clear the barrel as you rotate the plug. I just used a slotted screwdriver to keep it depressed.

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Edited since I am now home and able to write a more accurate description of the process....

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January 09, 2001, 20:00
Here's a trick.

Once rotated, the "pushed" side of the plunger is impinging on the barrel, and the "pull" side doesn't give you anything to grab, making it *)!* impossible to get it out far enough to remove the gas plug.

Simply wrap some string around the "pulled" side (this way you don't have to get under the "push" side) and give it a pull. This will give you the full pull you need so that the gas plug will come right out.

Cryptic, but if you follow it, it'll work.