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Scott Jimenez
November 23, 2000, 19:37
just wanted some input from those who have done this:

how does the MAPP torch and it's accompanying heat affect the cosmetics of Parkerised/manganese phosphated parts when using high temp silver solder?


scott out

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November 23, 2000, 20:29
Darkens it, burns some of the larger crystals away, makes it look like 20 years of age and use in 3 minutes. Depending on flux, you'll have black slag buildup too.

So microwave a glass of parkerizing solution 2-3 min or until 190 degrees, sandblast brake and invert in glass until reaction stops. If you mask the barrel in the middle of the sling swivel groove when blasting (short barrels) or feather the edge with lower pressure sand, the line between old and new park will be almost invisible.

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Scott Jimenez
November 23, 2000, 23:36
couldn't have asked for a better answer.

thanks, T. Mark.

scott out