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December 14, 2000, 13:32
A while back I saw a link to a site that sold the full auto ejector block and what ever else was needed to turn a FAL into F/A. Do any of you have that link still. Any info. would be appreciated. Thanks.

December 14, 2000, 14:50
dont bother bud!

unless you have a LEGAL class III Fal you are
just gonna piss your money away. unless of course you are a class 02 or are an accomplished machinest with a desire to spend some time at club fed! (or you buy a searcut
and modify it-BAD IDEA!you'll have a $2500 gun you can NEVER shoot w/o looking over your shoulder)


December 14, 2000, 14:53
I am of course assuming you are located here in the U.S. if not get ahold of Mark at ARS
he usually has a bunch of spares he sells now and then.


December 15, 2000, 15:19
(..or you buy a searcut
and modify it-BAD IDEA!

Searcut meaning, upper receiver? Is it really that difficult to assemble and un-assemble a full-auto FAL(swaping the semi and auto parts depending on your mood http://www.fnfal.com/forums/wink.gif)?

December 15, 2000, 15:28
the thing that will get you toasted by the batf is the ejector block! no it isnt hard at all to pull the safety sear and throw on a semi-only sel. switch but if ya get caught with an unregistered searcut WITH a full auto ej. block installed (they can tell if you drive out the pins) its bad ju ju. i spend alot of time over at Bowers mg board and it (building a unreg. mg) is REALLY not a good idea - for another $2000 or so you can buy a legal gun and not risk your freedom!


December 15, 2000, 16:30
I posted in manufaturers about some L1A1s for sale and was warned about sear cut receivers http://www.fnfal.com/forums/Forum4/HTML/000155.html

If the ATF approved the importation of a rifle with sear cut receiver for sale to a individual LEO and it is configured as a semi-auto is it now a legal rifle? If is clearly pre-ban as they were made 40 years ago.

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