View Full Version : Quality of ITM Arms AK Receiver?

December 04, 2007, 22:37
I have an opportunity to buy a new ITM arms AK receiver for $50. Has anybody here had experience or opinions re: this receiver?

December 05, 2007, 00:49
This was all I built on to begin with because they were the main game in town. It was harder to get Global Trades recievers, and besides that OOW's were cheaper.

Anyway, built many AK's on them, they all have held up great. One even went through a complete rebuild. My only complaint is the 47 receivers used to have a small gap between the selector and top cover. No idea if it is still there or not.

Now I use NDS receivers because I like the fact I can get custom numbers to match kits if they have matching numbers.

Good recievers, the price is cheap enough, thats for sure! I used to buy them at quantity for $53... so.. your getting a good price.

If you don't want it, list it, someone will buy it.


December 05, 2007, 01:03
I built a number of AK-74s on the OOW (ITM) receivers...

The quality of the receivers is quite good.

However, there are better choices out there today.

The ITM receivers have some slight problems in terms of the placement of the trigger and hammer pin holes. They're slightly off from where they should be. The people at OOW don't seem to be especially interested in tweaking their receivers, chugging along and producing ones with the same small 'imperfections.'

Personally, I use only the DCI/NoDak Spud receivers today.

And if you're building up a Romanian kit, they make an economy receiver especially for it (NDS-3) that only costs $55 delivered.

Get the DCI/NDS receiver instead of the ITM one.

That's my biased advice...