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November 22, 2000, 23:39
Here's a start:

Australian L1A1:
AD7001499-AD7001538 went to Botswana

(thanks to GP)


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E.M. (Ted) Dannemiller II

December 19, 2000, 09:02
From George Gouger:

The Singapore ser #'s should fall into these ranges per The Lithgow Info:

AD6215996 - AD6216765 Long & Short butts
AD6304842 - AD6305276 Long & Short butts
AD6321920 - AD6322119 Singapore Police
AD6420667 - AD6420711
AD6420867 - AD6420951
AD6509761 - AD6510760
AD6512156 - AD6513555
AD6513586 - AD6513920
AD6514256 - AD6514465
AD6514606 - AD6515005 Short butts
AD6514456 - AD6515950
AD6515986 - AD6516445
AD6600327 - AD6602226 Some Short butts
AD6602282 - AD6602331
AD6602402 - AD6602651
AD6607507 - AD6608006
AD6608507 - AD6609506 Some Short butts
AD6804834 - AD6804833
AD6806684 - AD6807268
AD6807289 - AD6807808
AD6807859 - AD6808182
AD6808235 - AD6808295
AD6808856 - AD6809600
AD6900001 - AD6900465
AD6900546 - AD6901435 Short Butts
AD6903061 - AD6903460
AD7001539 - AD7002028
AD7002030 - AD7003139
AD7007358 - AD7008357
AD7103833 - AD7104412
AD7104419 - AD7104833
AD7800409 - AD7800413 Singapore, CIS
AD8000283 - AD8000284 Singapore, CIS

Hope this helps some. I included all ser number ranges deliv. to Singapore because sometimes the Police were given weapons from the Military. With their short production runs, I didn't want you to miss any ser # ranges that your's might be.

Sincerely, George L. Gouger
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