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November 17, 2000, 02:46

I don't know if this qualifies as a FAQ, but he explains serial numbers, indents, cuts, etc. This should help anyone with questions.
Harlan at Federal Arms

Every PAC import marked IMBEL receiver I have seen is a metric style receiver. Century also imported some IMBEL receivers which are inch style but the importer mark is CAI, not PAC. For a final check for receiver style, look at two features. At the forward wall of the mag well, there will be an inlet for the magazine tab. If the inlet looks like a crescent or half moon, then that feature is metric. If the inlet is a large horizontal rectangle, then that feature is inch. The second feature to look for is the slide for the charging handle. If the cut extends to the very front end of the receiver, that feature is metric. If the last forward portion of the cut is milled away, then the feature is inch.

To ID the lower (pistol grip and buttstock attach to this), look for a serial number on the left side. If the serial number does not go higher than around 155,000, then most likely the lower is of STG58 origin. A South African R1/R3 lower will have serial numbers either starting with A and then two or three digits, or with six digits usually above 200,000. STG58 lowers usually are not stamped or marked on the right side, but R1/R3 generally are.

If your barrel has the additional inlets for the bipod (in addition to the inlet where the sling swivel ring is attached), then the barrel is of STG58 origin. R1 barrels only have the one inlet for the sling swivel, unless it is an early Belgian barrel which has different proof marks than the STG58 barrel. Usually these early Belgian R1 barrels do not have serial numbers, but STG58 barrels always do (again the STG58 serial number will not go above around 155,000). The Century assembled STG58 rifles do not come with a bipod, and Century usually installs the sling swivel on the back inlet instead of on the front inlet. The bipod assembly is to be installed on the back two inlets of the barrel. If you put on a bipod, you should remove the sling swivel assembly and then move it to the front inlet after you have installed the bipod assembly.

By the way, Federal Arms sells the STG58 bipod assembly for $14.95 (p/n STGBIPOD).
Also, we sell used inch mags for $9.95 (p/n BP3029IU). We also sell excellent inch mags, and excellent and used metric mags, but the prices are not as good as what you can find elsewhere.

In my opinion, you have all STG58 parts assembled onto an IMBEL metric receiver, of course with the necessary number of U.S. made parts added. If your buttstock does not include a sling swivel, then you have the "infamous" Century U.S. made buttstock. Make sure you find out if you need to use mags with U.S. parts or if all U.S. parts are built into the rifle.

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Member posted September 28, 2000 09:34
Harlan, I have to say, every time you post I learn something...Thank you.
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Mike in GA
Member posted September 28, 2000 21:21
Knowledge is power!
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Member posted September 28, 2000 23:35
I believe the "Fz SA 7.62" marking on Imbel upper receivers simply indicates a semi-automatic receiver configuration. The "7.62" part is obvious, as they expect these receivers will be used with milsurp FAL parts. A few of you guys have tried other chamberings. I have no clue what the "Fz" means, but I assume it's part of a model designation.
However, using an Imbel receiver marked "SA" together with a South African parts kits almost seems pre-ordained, huh?

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Harlan at Federal Arms
Member posted September 29, 2000 00:09

While the R1/R3 South African parts kits will certainly assemble well onto an IMBEL receiver, the R1/R3 lower, from my observations of over a thousand kits, is a type 1 type that matches the contour cuts of the upper receiver. The IMBEL kits that TDW sells have a type 3 lower, which is a more correct match for the type 3 IMBEL receiver.
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Member posted September 29, 2000 01:41
This is a really impressive display of knowledge!!

Harlan, you are amazing. I checked everything on my rifle against your posting. Everything matched as you said, even the serial number ranges!!!

Thanks for the info, and the tip on the bipod. I will be ordering one from you guys. I see your ads in SGN. Also, thanks for the bipod tip, my sling swivel is attached on the back indent, so I would have not put the bipod in the "correct" FAL location.

To all you guys, thanks again, you've amazed a new FAL owner.

I'll take it out this week and put some rounds thru it.

Knowledge is Power.




November 17, 2000, 11:34
"Fz" = Fuerza or Rifle

February 02, 2005, 00:16
Adding to the serial number range of StG-58s, I have a kit purchased during the spring of 2004 from DSA that has a number in the 156xxx range. Manufactured by Steyr.