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October 24, 2000, 20:14
For really bad wood:

1. If it has shellac or varnish, strip.
2. My secret: to really clean and bleach the wood, I use Tekka A&B. This is a two part base/neutralizer solution available in boat stores. It's used to restore teak. It works great on all hardwood. This will do the best on bad, dirty, stained, nasty wood.
3. Same old next step: use an iron to steam out dents.
4. sand, sand, sand.
5. Coat. My personal favorite is Homer Formsby's semi-gloss.

This StG wood wasn't too badly dinged, but was oily and dirty.


The stock in the middle is from one of the GunParts $200 kits nobody wanted to buy. It's all laminated. I could have removed more of the dings, but didn't want to remove any more material. It was dirty and really junk when I got it. The stock on the right was from Entreprise a couple years ago. Overall wasn't bad, just very oily.

Tekka will penetrate and clean the wood so that you don't have to remove as much material to get a clean piece.

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