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September 22, 2000, 11:55
Just posting this for the new guys.

Insert a 22cal cleaning rod through the nut that holds the stock on the return spring tube. Back the nut out with a screwdriver or by hand. The spring will try to shoot out but will be captured by the rod. Installation is the reverse. I've also used the rattail of my carrier when a cleaning rod was not available, but it isn't as easy.


November 20, 2000, 09:17
Hey, it works! If it wasn't for this thread, I'd be blind now. http://www.fnfal.com/forums/biggrin.gif

November 20, 2000, 11:39
Originally posted by boing:
Hey, it works! If it wasn't for this thread, I'd be blind now. http://www.fnfal.com/forums/biggrin.gif

Hey here is one more idea to go with that. Use one of the "supersize" plactic cups Mickey D's, Burger King, etc. use to control the trajectory of the nut. Simply drill a hole in the end of the cup, insert same over the butt, after putting a section of your handy dandy M-16 cleaning rod into the hole. The cup will bend kinda egg shape to fit, and when you remove the nut, it's not in your eye, or doesn't take half a week cleaning your shop up to find the nut!!
Hope this helps.

Ol' One Eye Doubletap

November 22, 2000, 03:15
I'll go ya one better. Just keep the T-handle attached to the end of the cleaning rod as you back out the screw. http://www.fnfal.com/forums/smile.gif

December 25, 2000, 17:25
Thanks for posting this, all other tips will be greatly appreciated when when i get my kit a friend has talked me into building one.

a newbies friend you are indeed.

ANOTHER message board! this gun addiciton is killing me!

February 21, 2005, 21:23
Thank you FALfiles. After an aggrevating failed attempt to install the return spring I did a search here and found this. The suggestion worked perfectly and made reinstallation a breeze. Thanks!

February 22, 2005, 00:56
An SKS cleaning rod works really well, too. Ask me how I know...

Of course, so does the dedicated buttstock tool, and it's really cheap to boot. :)

February 24, 2005, 18:17
It might actually be simpler during reinstallation to put the nut on the tube first, slide the tube into the stock, put the spring in the tube, insert cleaning rod though the hole, fit the whole assembly on the lower, and then force the tube down until the threads engage.

At least that's how I did it, thinking that the tube and nut were a single unit. Come to find out later that the nut at the end of the tube is supposed to come off. Who knew? Some pendejo Chilean armorer probably cross-threaded mine on because it's not budging.

God forbid I have to take that Penguin buttstock off anytime soon.:uhoh:

May 06, 2006, 07:54
For $11.00 you can have the correct tool! They are not in short supply and can be purchased from any number of vendors on the "Files".

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