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August 31, 2000, 13:40
Interested in the impressions of those who own and/or have shot both the FAL and 7.62x51 Galil AR or ARM,comparing accuracy,ergonomics,features,general shooting impressions,etc. Thanks.

August 31, 2000, 15:07
I have a FAL in .308 and a Galil ARM in .223. FAL has much better ergonomics. The bolt stays back after the last shot, safety lever is easy to reach, mounting a scope is simple, and seems to be more accurate than a lot of battle/assault rifles. The Galil does not have the bolt hold open, the safety is easy to rach however works backward from what most do, and the good scope mounts are expensive. The Galil would probably be less accurate, but more reliable in a sandstorm or mud pit. The Galil has nice open sights and handy night sights. Weight is similar. My FAL has a short strong trigger pull, while the Galil has a long, smooth, soft pull.

I think I prefer my Galil, but only because it is in .223 and has a 16" barrel and 35 round mags. If I was going to buy a .308 I would get a FAL/SAR-48. FAL mags are about 8 bucks compared to the .308 Galil mags that go for over $100. You really can't go wrong with either one. If money is no object I guess it would be a toss up. But mags, scope mounts, and accessories for the Galil are rather high...especially for the .308 Galil.

Jay from TDW
August 31, 2000, 15:13
Hey there
Well some may say im a little jaded in my opion here but I have owned and shot both. My preferance is the FAL. Heres why. Cheap mags. Galil mags run as much 150ea for the 308. Parts availabilty. Parts are easy to find for the FAL but try to find them as cheap and easy for the Galil. Accuracy. No question here. FAL. The galil is based on a AK type system which functions on and is designed to be lose and functional in all enviroments. Cost. FAL again. Dont get me wrong the galil is a good rifle. Very good in fact. But for overall I love a fal. There is a reason it was the free worlds right arm.

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August 31, 2000, 16:55
I had a chance to use the Galil 7.62 NATO for a period of time in South America, it's a nice rifle but if you have a choice the FAL is the one to have.If want to use an AK,then 7.62x39 is better in that sort of rifle.

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August 31, 2000, 17:25
Thanks,all. I'm mainly interested in shooting impressions. I already have a .308 Galil ARM and all the mags and accessories I need for it. For someone trying to decide which to buy cost of mags might be an important matter. I've never shot an FAL,though,and was just wondering how it compares from behind the trigger. They're both two of the best.

August 31, 2000, 19:42
Well, I've owned both a Galil AR in 7.62 NATO, and I currently own a MSC StG-58. Recoil is slightly less with the FAL, but that is not a major factor. Leviathan made a good point about triggers though...the Galil has a better than average AK trigger, and the FAL, while heavy, has a much shorter trigger stroke.

If cost is not an option, then I'd take the Galil AR in 7.62x51mm, but since it is, the FAL is much more practical for the average US shooter.

Reliablity....it's been hashed and rehashed so often....but ultimately, the Galil will out preform the FN in the most extreme circumstances. Again, that's not a major issue for most US civillian shooters though, who won't find themselves in Norway or the Kalahari any time soon.

Shootability...I'll say the FAL has the edge, and ergonomically the FAL is superior. Bolt locking open on the last round is a nice feature, but by no means necessary.

In choosing between the AR or ARM Galils...I definitely prefer the AR, much handier and lighter.

Final thought...get your butt up to VA for a FAL shoot! I'd be glad to loan you mine, as long as I can play with the Galil some! http://www.fnfal.com/forums/biggrin.gif

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August 31, 2000, 22:49
I really like the .308 galil. I've owned 10-12 .223s over the years and am now on my third .308. Mags are a bitch. Even LE only mags run $35. Standard ones 100+. I shorten them to 15" and solder on an HK flashider. UOpen the front sight hood to wings, narrow the front sight, drill out the rear rear 150 M sight to a ghost ring, contour the cocking handle, and wident he mag catch.

Results - shorter and lighter than a FAL para, better (well - different) trigger, similar accuracy, similar recoil.

picture on website under finishes then METACOL Photo gallery

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September 01, 2000, 03:29
I really like my Galil .308 also. The 25 round mags in .308 are the pricey ones and quite frankly who needs them they're mostly for show and are a pain in the ass to shoot with prone on on the bench. I prefer the shorty 12 rd IMI factory mags. CDNN has them right now for $30.00 each. Not too bad considering that not too long ago FAL mags were quite a bit more than the $8.00 each price range now. My .02!