View Full Version : Pistol Grip Stock Allowed on MAK-90 ??

November 04, 2007, 23:06
The gunshow this weekend yielded a couple of cool guns that I didn't expect. I got a milled MAK 91 by Norinco (says National Match) and the seriel number is stamped 93, making it a 1993 import.

The other was a MAK 90....also Norinco, but stamped.....with a 94 prefix, making it a 1994 import.

Neither barrel is threaded nor lugged for bayonet.

Both have the crappy thumb hole "sporter" stock. Can I replace these with pistol grip stocks??....and be legal??

Do I need to install 6 American parts to change stocks?

November 05, 2007, 06:33
you will have to add the complaint parts to be legal if you add a pistol grip stock.
Can't remember what parts count at the moment.


November 05, 2007, 19:37
H T S (3)

Gas piston



stock set (3) including p grip

Mag, floorplate, follower (3)

muzzle break

Any six of these.