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NZ L1A1 Collector
August 06, 2001, 02:04
This is my lastest addition to the collection, I thought you might like to see. So for your viewing pleasure:

C1A1 Rifle (8L series rifle that was almost redesignated the C1A2):


Handguards (note the late pattern version)

LH side of body (note the late pattern body locking lever):

RH side of body (Note the 1968 date):

Butt (note late pattern butt):

Ejector Block (note the late pattern square version):

Sling swivel (note late pattern press steel version):

August 06, 2001, 03:40
Man, I hate you! :p
Anyway, nice rifle. Please give it a good home.


August 06, 2001, 03:42
That is a fine addition to an already great collection ! :eek:
Can you expand on the front and rear sights--not familiar with them.

Andy the Aussie
August 06, 2001, 04:19
Kev.....I have to say this....and I mean it in the nicest possible way...YOU SUCK...!!! That isn't bloody fair...!!! Just cause we kick your arse in the footy and cricket....you have to rub that into me..!!!! One of these days when I am on holidays up in the land of the free....that is Queensland to those from the other hemisphere...I will take some pics of a genuine L1A1-F1 that a mate of mine has on a dealers licence up there....genuine and marked as such...(serial number also checks out as correct)...!! I KNOW you don't have one of them...!!!! It will be a small victory...but an Australian victory none the less..!!!! :D :D :D

Andy :p

PS....nice cannon....you lucky sod...!!!

August 06, 2001, 08:21
Hey Kev....Nice looking tool! :D I see that the C1s have the sight ears that bolt onto to gas block. Is that typical for all the C1 guns? Did any have the ears as part of the gas block like the L1s did?

Farmer from Hell
August 06, 2001, 12:14
Schweeet Kevin.

Batman the removeable front sight ears was one of two mods they done to the C1 near the end of its run. The EB was removable rather then perminently riveted thats why Kevin made a point to post a pic of it. If for some reason the old style EB became FUBARd the rifle had to be scrapped. With the removeable one it was a simple fix. These two things almost gave it the new A2 designation. Arguably the most evolved FAL.


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August 06, 2001, 12:25
As usual Kevin, you never fail to disappoint! (envy)

A fine looking specimen.

Bill Woodward
Portland, OR.

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August 06, 2001, 13:20
Well done Kevin, I recently added an OPP 8L series to the bunch also, great rifle, maybe too nice to shoot EH? 10 more years and 3 wives later I may have a collection to rival yours. ;)

August 06, 2001, 13:44
Awesome, Kevin, as always.

8L- VERY late production! Ggreat work rescuing this! Canadian rotor, and multi-part gas block/foresight protectors!

They don't have a graemlin for 'jealous'!

August 06, 2001, 14:26
Glad to see you managed to get it over there. I was given a book with RCEME instructions for the C1A1 today by a friend. If you want a photo copy mail me with your address.

August 06, 2001, 17:57
Nice Play purdy, Kevin! VERY nice indeed!


August 07, 2001, 09:03
Im more interested in the lowered ejection port. Thats new to me. Can anyone give any details on the decision to make that modification? -FLC

NZ L1A1 Collector
August 07, 2001, 18:57
Thanx guys for the comments :)

I'll have some new pics for you in a couple of weeks when I get my British 1961 BSA made L1A1 that is due to arrive in my hands soon. :D Now for some answers;

The foresight has removable foresight protectors (the same as that used on the L2A1/C2 HB rifles) This was one of the major changes that almost changed the designation to 'C1A2'. The rear sight is the standard 600 meter rotor sight.

Noooo worries mateeeee I'll have that L1A1-F1 in my collection before you can get up to Queensland to put your paws on it ;).... is it on a dealers for sale or to stop it from being cut up? if so what is the price tag for it? :( tooo much is my guess :( :( Could you get me some pics of the markings on it and its serial number etc.

Great answer to batman’s question. It amazes me that these 2 modifications weren't taken up by Australia and Britian, as these were developed in 1967/68. These 2 basic repair modifications make this rifle a better Armourer and logistics friendly one. That stopped the requirement of the barrel and bodies being destroyed when either the ejector or foresight ears were broken…. NO WECSOG repair work in Military Base Workshops!……… just repair or gas axe :eek:

are your OPP (Ontario Provincial Police) markings stamped out as well? Have I got the name right for OPP?

The credit for this rifle goes to you, you’re the one who put me onto it THANX :D

The cut out at the ejection port is to allow your thumb to go far enough down the stripper clip to seat the last round properly. Hence the cut out area.