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October 09, 2001, 22:37
Here is a look at the new furniture that will be going on a mint STG kit at the TX Park n Party.

Hootbro has provided the pic below. Thanks.

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October 09, 2001, 23:01
Link is non-working. I think there are some pictures in there but the files in your picture directory don't have any extenders to identify themselves to a given application as a specific filetype.


October 10, 2001, 00:27
Here, let me help.



October 10, 2001, 16:59
Thanks Hootbro

October 11, 2001, 20:39
Who makes this?

October 11, 2001, 20:50
Used a scuffed up STG butt, a set of DSA plastic handguards, and FSE pistol grip. One light coat of Duplicolor bed liner and four coats of Krylon camoflage series flat olive drab.Turned out better than I expected and very even textured.
The "J" in "J" Series is for Jeff. hehe

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October 12, 2001, 14:06
The pics look great. I can only imagine what the furniture looks like in person. Great job!

October 12, 2001, 14:14
I'll be posting pics of an assembled rifle with the furniture on it this weekend after the group build.

October 12, 2001, 14:17
That's about a dead ringer for the Brownell's Aluma Hyde II OD green paint I used on my set. Same duplicolor bed liner, followed by Aluma Hyde. My set is a Penguin humpback, IMI pistol grip, and non-bipod R1 handguards.