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September 17, 2001, 21:15

September 18, 2001, 03:01
Those prices looked good when compared today, but I know even in 1986 I could not afford one of those then. During this time, I was still in the ARmy playing with all of Uncle Sam's toys and really had no clue to what was going to happen in a few years. If I had known, I would have done my best to bought a few. I think Gunplumber said FAL mags were going for $20+ during this time frame due to many nations not yet surplusing out their FALS. I hear people say that this is the "Golden Age" for kits, and they maybe right.


September 18, 2001, 05:57

You are right about the FAL magazine prices. There is an ad selling FAL mags for $26.00 a piece!!!!

September 18, 2001, 08:53
I had a chance to buy one of the light barrel versions of this rifle a few years ago, within the last 5, for what it was advertised then. Talk about kicking myself in the butt!!! I remember all FAL's being in the $700. to $800. range back in the mid 80's except for the Belgium rifles and they were close to a $1000. area. They were all out of my purchasing capabilities. HK 91/93's could be bought for around $500.00 and AR's were still well below the $500. range. My first "Black Rifle" I bought in the mid 70"s was a brand new Colt AR15(SP1), I paid $300. for and it came with 3 20 magazines. My Brother also bought a HK 93 at this time, it was a little more expensive than the Colt's. IIRC the HK was around $350., but it didn't have any x-tra mags with it. HK mags were fairly expensive even then. If I could have only bought a warehouse full them, back then!!!