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June 28, 2001, 19:04
The FAL served them well.

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June 28, 2001, 22:01
I remember Rhodesia. Although I never lived there, I have read more than most about that late great chance for Western culture in Africa.

Although I didn't agree with the inequities of their political system, I can see where they needed more time to educate the tribes there. Unfortunately they weren't given it by the rest of th world. Our focus was on Vietnam at first and then running from anything reminiscent of Vietnam. Put that together with Jimmy Carter and friends and freedom on that continent was doomed.

My R1 has an RA serial number on it. Although I doubt that stood for Rhodesian Army. Its nice to think it could have been used in that struggle against Marxism and its inevitable (in my opinion) damning of the country into the chaotic mess that it is now.

June 28, 2001, 22:02
By the way, I love the camo pattern.

How'd you do it?

June 29, 2001, 02:25
Looks to nice to shoot. I also want to know how the camo job was done.


June 29, 2001, 03:23
The camo job was done by a Rhodesian during the bushwar. The paint looks like it was applied with a small brush. The magazine, I did myself. The camo pattern in the pic has more detail then then typically found on rhod camo fal's.

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Farmer from Hell
June 29, 2001, 11:04
If you are lazy these guys can hook you up.



June 29, 2001, 18:46
My R1 also has a RA prefix.
take a look at the proofs,they should give you some idea of its country of Mfg.
pretty sure mine was made in S.A for Rhodesia
and was well used.

Nice cammo job
wish mine came lookin' like that :(
I can't tell from the photo-is that a hump-back or sTg butt?

June 30, 2001, 10:39
Given the fact that my mother was born there among other things, not a day goes by that I don't think about Rhodesia. The Fal did serve there very well and so did the G-3 later in the war.

June 30, 2001, 16:10
I am going to give Bob at www.inland.net (http://www.inland.net) a shot at my R1A1 furniture with his Rhodesian camo.

Farmer from Hell
June 30, 2001, 22:48
Originally posted by Dennis:
<STRONG>I am going to give Bob at www.inland.net (http://www.inland.net) a shot at my R1A1 furniture with his Rhodesian camo.</STRONG>

When you do please post some pics. The ones on the web page arent very go and I would like to see what his pattern will look like on an FAL.


July 01, 2001, 00:57
I'm not real big on painted firearms but that is absolutly beautiful!!! Hope you don't mind me using the pic as wallpaper! :D

July 02, 2001, 21:04
In service, did the Rhodesia Army have the painted mags? :confused:

July 03, 2001, 07:33
Originally posted by Dennis:
<STRONG>In service, did the Rhodesia Army have the painted mags? :confused:</STRONG>
Yes, later in the war they field camouflaged the entire weapon. The patterns were crude but effective.

July 03, 2001, 18:39
Yeah, so effective that if you placed the weapon on the ground you were totally f**ked.


July 06, 2001, 18:57
The AK also served them well.

July 07, 2001, 01:41
Heck you guys are making me homesick! Only visited Rhodesia twice when I lived in South Africa, but I sure miss the place. I smuggled my full auto military R1 FAL into Rhodesia (and 2 M26 handgrenades) when I went to visit my cousin on his farm near the old Marandellas. That was a real scary place in 1979. Nobody but nobody on the roads, landmine craters all over the place with wrecked cars strewn about, abandoned farms and burnt out homesteads. Bet we see it in the USA in my lifetime the way things are going...

July 07, 2001, 13:36

July 08, 2001, 11:39
hagar- I hope you're wrong, but I'm afraid you are right!

Farmer from Hell
July 09, 2001, 01:14
timkel can you still get that print some where? I remember years ago it being for sale in various catalogs but havent seen it lately.


Mosin Guy
July 09, 2001, 12:16
Hey Timkel, where did you get the kwel flag from.

July 09, 2001, 13:38
I got the print and the flag many years ago from South Africa.

July 09, 2001, 16:52
Great looking FAL. My mother and her family were from there. They told me a few stories of how dangerous it use to be going to visit her family there, during those troubled times.

July 09, 2001, 17:49

July 09, 2001, 22:32
Visiting Rhodesia was dangerous during those troubled times, unfortunately those times are back.

The locals are turning on the farmers and anyone other scapegoat they can think of. Can you imagine anyone so dumb as to bite off the hand that feeds them literally?

There is going to be mass starvation there soon enough. I hope all that's left of once proud Rhodesia gets out.

Hopefully we will fast track immigration and naturalization for the remaining farmers there. I could only imagine what my grandfather and his neighbors up in Northern Missouri would have done had people started marauding there.

I can tell you the one thing they would worry about is running out of ammo before they were done!

July 10, 2001, 17:22
Some friends I know in Natal, farm with their R1's, which is something that most farmers in the rest of the world don't have to worry about. Their farm houses are like compounds, and they live with the threat of attack everyday, which is similar but not as bad as what my uncle and his family face in Rhodesia.

July 10, 2001, 19:51
Originally posted by timkel:
<STRONG>The FAL served them well.

They made do with what they had available, and even old Stens and #4 Enfields were seen here and there. The camoflage painting of the rifles hadn't gotten to the police reservists and R1s in civvie hands when I was there, but it made sense, given their conditions.

The following pic of an R1 from the Selous Scouts website may be of interest to you too, as it looks to be a close match to yours, though you may have to cut-and-paste the URL into your browser to see it- I think Tripod is one of those inhospitable hosts.



July 11, 2001, 15:53
Rhodesian Fireforce vest for FN rifle. http://wsphotofews.excite.com/013/Zm/OG/pz/9893198.jpg

July 12, 2001, 15:02

You wouldn't know where a guy could find a pattern for that type of vest would you?

That looks to be the most perfect "survival vest" i have seen.

July 12, 2001, 18:22
Originally posted by ronster:

You wouldn't know where a guy could find a pattern for that type of vest would you?

That looks to be the most perfect "survival vest" i have seen.</STRONG>
A pattern? Sorry, no.
Actually I am suprised that no one is making a vest for the FAL, today.
The original Rhodesian Fireforce vest is getting hard to find.

Gene fisher
July 14, 2001, 00:50
I just started reading about Rhodesia. Amazing and sad what happend over there. I just read Fireforce by Chris Cocks and his other book survival course. I just got a hold of Pamwe Chete, the Legend of the Selous Scouts. I just got some basball caps from an ex C Squadron member who lives in SA. They are really nice hats that have Selous Scouts, SAS and RLI.
I would like to know where I can get some Rhodesian pattern uniforms..if possible.
Thanks :confused:

July 14, 2001, 05:20
Originally posted by Gene fisher:
<STRONG>I just started reading about Rhodesia. Amazing and sad what happend over there. I just read Fireforce by Chris Cocks and his other book survival course. I just got a hold of Pamwe Chete, the Legend of the Selous Scouts. I just got some basball caps from an ex C Squadron member who lives in SA. They are really nice hats that have Selous Scouts, SAS and RLI.
I would like to know where I can get some Rhodesian pattern uniforms..if possible.
Thanks :confused:</STRONG>
Try here for your Rhodesian camo uniforms. http://users.iafrica.com/r/rh/rhodesia/
They are in South Africa. Prices are quoted in SA rand. 100 rand = $12.00 to $13.00 us dollars.

July 14, 2001, 10:12
Gene...try the Trident web site, under south african camo..I think he just got a shipment or is expecting a shipment of reproduction Rhodesian BDU's....I have three sets of the repro stuff thats cut like USGI BDU's (but in Rhody pattern) The stuff at Trident I think will be cut more like the original. :) http://www.tridentmilitary.com/

Gene fisher
July 14, 2001, 14:02
Thanks for the info Mac...
Where did you get the USGI cut BDUs in Rhodesian? Id like to get a set of thoes
Thanks :cool:

July 14, 2001, 16:06
Rhodesian FAL chest rig. Popular during bushwar. http://wsphotofews.excite.com/026/Wa/ze/cW/Iv74260.jpg

July 14, 2001, 19:03
Originally posted by Gene fisher:
<STRONG>Thanks for the info Mac...
Where did you get the USGI cut BDUs in Rhodesian? Id like to get a set of thoes
Thanks :cool:</STRONG>

The ones I have where made by "Propper International" (sp) They stopped making the rhodesian pattern about three years ago. :(
I bought them here locally at a surplus store.

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July 17, 2001, 18:19
Set of Rhodesian Military hat badges. http://wsphotofews.excite.com/026/Tw/nm/MF/Cs85009.jpg

July 18, 2001, 13:05
Originally posted by timkel:
<STRONG>Rhodesian FAL chest rig. Popular during bushwar. http://wsphotofews.excite.com/026/Wa/ze/cW/Iv74260.jpg </STRONG>

This one would be simple to copy! Start with a Chinese SKS chest pouch and sew 4 USMC M14 single mag pouches to it. Viola! Instant Rhodesian FAL chest rig. :D

July 18, 2001, 14:41
Originally posted by DannyBMW:

This one would be simple to copy! Start with a Chinese SKS chest pouch and sew 4 USMC M14 single mag pouches to it. Viola! Instant Rhodesian FAL chest rig. :D</STRONG>
It is definately a modified SKS chest pouch.
There were many design variations made during the bushwar.

July 18, 2001, 17:34
Helicopters were vital to the war. http://wsphotofews.excite.com/013/F2/Lb/rn/fP24086.jpg

July 19, 2001, 00:34
You'd think the way that country is now going that the grandchildren of the men who fought for Rhodesia would be preparing to take the country back!

Compared to its current difficulties the Smith Regime would have been a relief.

July 19, 2001, 10:05
Originally posted by ronster:
<STRONG>You'd think the way that country is now going that the grandchildren of the men who fought for Rhodesia would be preparing to take the country back!</STRONG>

Why would you think that? We are the grandchildren and children of America's WWII vets and we are letting the Communists, Socialists and Nazis do as they please here.

We are the most ungrateful pathetic lot on the fact of the earth and deserve to loose it all. And we probibly will!


July 19, 2001, 14:13
Thank you for cheering me up Dannybmw.

Aside from having a good point there about the Commie Pinko Socialist nut cases running around the US nearly unchecked, you really need to stop it with the negative waves man.

I do my part. I work with liberals and their typical constituents; young women, gay guys and some people whose parents never taught them better. I do my best to educate them.

One was telling me how he wouldn't own a gun but carries a knife. I asked what's the moral difference between stabbing someone to death and shooting them? Or the person who told me she kept a bat at home for self defense, I said I keep a gun, I get to stand farther back, that's the only difference.

Its tough but with links from fnfal.com, jpfo.org, a-human-right.com in the team forum I can turn these people around, or at least enough of them to make a difference.

July 20, 2001, 08:00
Originally posted by ronster:
<STRONG>Thank you for cheering me up Dannybmw.

Sorry Ronster :( , Didn't intend to shower so much doom and gloom on you! I just have a very jaded outlook on most aspects of life. Don't get me wrong... I am always hopeful for that I'll be mistaken.


July 20, 2001, 09:11
Yeah I remember Rhodesia,

Named after Cecil Rhodes, a big time imperialist murdering thug who lead the British in their efforts to throw the locals off their land, steal their resorces, kill them off and then tell 'em "too bad, we're in charge and you ain't."

Makes you wonder what Mugabe's so upset about.


July 20, 2001, 10:12

Actully, people are making survival and load-bearin vests for the FAL today. Check-out this site.


July 20, 2001, 20:36
Didn't want to bust your chops on that one dannybmw. Although I am inclined to agree with you.

We will be better armed when the time comes though. Most of our military is of like mind with us not the Commie-Pinko-Liberal-Nutjobs.

Since assault vests are pricey I think I will have my stepdaughter make me on with the new sewing machine I bought her on her birthday. That and I will be able to find one that will fit my not so fit form .

TNT ARmoury
July 20, 2001, 23:40
If you look closely, you will see the original chest rig was made from a ChiCom chest pouch for the Type 44 carbine. The SKS rig has the wooden toggles. The 44 carbine rig has the tape ties.

Mark C
July 31, 2001, 22:27
Here's some more Rhodie kit. All items (less the jackets) were issued to a very good friend of mine who served 3 years with 1st Battalion Rhodesian Light Infantry (RLI), followed (after the elections) by a year with the Pathfinder Company of 44 Parachute Battalion, South African Defence Force.

The first photo is of his tailored "Garrison Dress" with stable belt and beret, which was worn for casual duties and parades when in base camp. Along with that is a standard-issue long-sleeve shirt and pants worn on operations:


The next shows the lightweight coveralls he was issued for "Fireforce" (parachute) operations, along with his Track Suit for physical training:


Next is an original Rhodesian field jacket, compared to a South African copy:


The last 2 pics are of my friend's custom-made load-bearing vest for Fireforce ops. Manufactured by Farraday & Sons in Salisbury Rhodesia in 1978, out of very heavy cotton web imprinted with the Rhodie cam pattern. The vest has pouches for 6 x FN FAL mags, 1 x frag grenade, 1 x smoke/WP grenade, 2 x canteens, and has provision for attaching a butt-pack. A beautiful piece of custom Rhodesian war kit:



There are a few more detail photos of some of the kit at the following link:


NC Rifleman
July 31, 2001, 23:12
Mark, great pics. Wouldn't know where a fellow might get any of that SA version camo would you???I used to see a guy at the gun shows here that had piles of it on the tables along with the web gear. Wish I had bought more than one set...

July 31, 2001, 23:55
great looking patterns!

I am having my stepdaughter sew me vest. I won't have those nifty built in pockets but having attachment points for alice clips on the vest should make it easily configurable.

Too bad i can't find any decent fabric like that!

August 01, 2001, 01:04
MY GOD! that vest is sweet! I have a set of Orginal rhodie camo (pants, shirt, field jacket, boonie hat) and two sets of repo stuff but I would still give signifcant (kidney, liver, eyes, :)) parts of my body up for a vest like that and a flap cap (and that nifty jumper). I'm drooling. If he ever wants to sell it (yeah right, if he's smart he'll keep it, I know I would :)), please let me know!

Still drooling....

Mark C
August 01, 2001, 13:28
NC Rifleman:

Believe it or not, as a reasonably serious collector of contemporary (post WW II) international camo uniforms, I can tell you that the South African Rhodie pattern uniforms are rare these days. Indeed, based on eBay and camo dealer listings, it is safe to say that the South African (and U.S.) copies of the Rhodesian pattern are far more rare than the actual goods. Real Rhodie uniforms appear on eBay fairly frequently, and at fairly reasonable prices (dependant upon condition and size).

The South African uniforms were manufactured in the 1980's by "ADRO" and "ADCO" (which may very well have been the same company with a mid-production name change). The manufacturer's tags are certainly very similar between the two....but I digress. The camo pattern was that of Rhodesia, but the colour tones were slightly different. The tailoring/cut of the uniforms was completely different. Production seems to have ceased in the late 1980's.

At some point in the early 1990's, Propper International (major U.S. BDU contractor) also produced cotton rip-stop BDUs in the Rhodie camo pattern. These were identical in all respects to the U.S. BDU, less the pattern. Once again, the pattern was correct, but the colour tones were slightly off in comparison to genuine Rhodesian kit. I have a set of the Propper International Rhodie BDUs, which I use for hunting. I quite like them for use, but collectibility is limited.

Note that the South African Rhodie pattern uniforms are well-constructed, but notorious for premature fading. The Propper International BDUs hold up as well as the Woodland variant. They are tough, but still fade out more quickly than the Rhodesian originals.

Finally, there appear to be new reproduction Rhodie shirts, pants, field jackets, hats and insignia coming out of Zimbabwe (former Rhodesia). I'm told that the material, pattern, colouration, and tailoring very closely mimic the original Rhodesian uniform items. The are allegedly even produced on some of the same equipment. Hard to say, as I haven't actually handled any of it. It is just now entering North America. Trident has it advertised (with photos) at the following address:

Unfortunately, no repro LBVs are forthcoming as yet, since they were private-purchase items custom made by Rhodie outfitters and outdoor stores in a wide range of different designs.

Trident's repro prices are equivalent (or slightly less) than you'd pay for original Rhodie uniform items, depending on size and condition. However (provided the quality is equivalent), you are getting brand new gear in a suitable size. It all depends on what you want it for. If the uniform is for wear/use, then go with the new repro stuff. If it intended to be a true collectable, stick with the originals that you can purchase off of eBay or from various camo dealers.

Hope this helps.

NC Rifleman
August 01, 2001, 14:28
Mark these are ones I got at show for $25 a set. Would give $100 for another set.....

August 01, 2001, 17:38
Here is a pic of camo field jacket, pants, flap cap, sleeping bag and field boots with smooth rubber soles. All original Rhodesian.

August 01, 2001, 19:02
I searched for Faraday & Sons in harare, zimbabwe (Salisbury,Rhodesia) and i was able to find a phone number but no website.

So i guess getting a vest from the actual company could be possible. But I don't want to go to the expense of calling.

Sure would be nice though ;)

NC Rifleman
August 01, 2001, 21:15
timkel, nice lookin gear, wouldn't wanna part with that field jacket would ya? :D

Farmer from Hell
August 01, 2001, 23:24
ronster I had a bit of a thought the other night as I was counting FALs as I dozed off. :D You should be able to find a pattern for a hunting vest at a craft store and that should give you the overall shape/pattern for a vest. The mag pouchs you would have to come up with yourself.


August 02, 2001, 00:37
Yeah, I am on top of that one. Even found good place for buying camo cloth; gore-tex, pack cloth, canvas, etc.

Realtree, Woodland, Pacific WWII brown and regular Khaki.

I will have some webbing run around it for use as alice clip attachment points.

But if Faraday & Sons were still making them...

August 02, 2001, 03:17
Originally posted by NC Rifleman:
<STRONG>timkel, nice lookin gear, wouldn't wanna part with that field jacket would ya? :D</STRONG>
Sorry, the jacket is not for sale.

Faraday & Sons still in business? Good lead. Do you have their address? Maybe a letter?

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Mark C
August 02, 2001, 16:34
NC Rifleman: I see that you have the ADRO manufactured stuff. It is well-built kit, but pricey and difficult to find these days, as I said above. Rather than spend $100 on another South African set (if you can even find it), why not drop Trident Imports an e-mail and enquire about the new repro sets? Judging by Trident's description and photos, they look very good. You could get a new shirt and pants for under $100 USD. Then again, if you're willing to watch e-Bay, you could find an original set in your size for similar money ($100 to $150, depending on condition). Rumour in collector circles is that the Trident repro sets are manufactured in Zimbabwe. Of course, they could be made in China or Korea.

As an aside, Hong Kong is infamous for repro camo uniforms. There are Hong Kong dealers currently offering collectors knock-offs of the Canadian CADPAT and USMC MARPAT digital camo uniforms. Those uniforms are just now entering service in their respective countries. Where there is a market, there is an opportunity.....

MRF2: Unfortunately, none of my friend's stuff is presently for sale. The items pictured above (less the field jackets) were donated by him to my personal collection. It would clearly be grossly inappropriate for me to consider selling them. Besides which, I would not want to do so. As you've noted, the LBV in particular is an amazing historical piece.

Not wanting to rub salt in the wounds, but what you see pictured above in my modest collection is only the tip of the icerberg in terms of the Rhodie kit my friend is still sitting on. He has 2 full duffel bags full of it - his complete RLI issue, plus spares. 5 sets of shirts and pants, 2 field jackets (one cut down by garrison tailors for para operations, as was common practice), flap hat, boonie hat, heavy and lightweight coveralls, etc, etc. He also has a number of captured enemy items including sets of Cuban-manufactured Grey Lizard camo (which his unit captured during a raid on a SWAPO base), a beret which he took off a terrorist he shot (bloodstains and grey matter still present), and a set of SKS chest-webbing (also blood-stained). Every item is named and historically traceable to his service in the RLI. He had no idea that any of it was worth anything until I told him otherwise. Still, he has no intention of selling any of it right now.

Notwithstanding the above, original Rhodesian kit is still out there. You just have to look for it, and be prepared to pay the going rate. Prices for common uniform items are still pretty reasonable. I picked up the mint (size large) original Rhodie field coat pictured above from an established dealer on eBay for $80 about 3 months ago. That was a very good deal. The South African copy beside it set me back $35 USD about 5 years ago in a private sale.

Good luck!

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August 02, 2001, 17:52
The Selous Scout

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August 03, 2001, 18:28
Mark C, if that is just half of your collection, you are quite a lucky man! The only orignal Rhodesian items I have I had to buy from a place in South Africa, shipping took quite some time, but it was a hell of a deal, $100 shipped for a mint pair of pants, and a used good shirt (still with rank and Army tape on it). Got a field jacket (mint) and boonie hat here, paid a lot more for them :) I've got a set of the South African repo stuff (ADRO) in mint condition, got them of e-bay for $80 or so and two repo boonie hats (in two diffrent styles, one is kind of strange). I don't think they are that durable though. I have an american shirt and SA repo pants (ADCO) that form the set I actualy use (on occasion). I think I'll get a set or two of the Trident stuff, it's not the cheapist though (I think it's something like $80 for pants and shirt). I'm still looking for a few things, but they are hard to find. Much easier to find SA kit (like Solider 2000 pattern camo, have some of that, it's good stuff) because most of it is still in production. Well, I've rambled enough, you and Timkel are making me jelous (nice first pattern Field jacket by the way Timkel) time to call trident and spend some hard earned cash.


August 08, 2001, 14:21
I have contacted what I believe to be the legendary fereday & son's of salisbury (now harare). Hopefully I will find that it is the same company that used to produce these wonderful load bearing vests.

If/when I get a reply i will post the results.

August 08, 2001, 15:11
It would be great Faraday & Sons still makes the camo fireforce vests and chest webbing.

August 13, 2001, 16:03
This is a silver bar Commemorative of the Selous Scouts 1973. It contains several ounces of pure Rhodesian silver.

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August 20, 2001, 14:25
Hey Ronster, could you post the source for that webbing,canvas, andt etc. for building a fireforce vest? By the way I just picked up a nice Rhodie Bush Shirt at the Iola Military Vehicals show just a couple a days ago for $30-. It totally made my day. Its kind of diff. though, it only buttons 1/3 of the way down the front. If anyone is interested I may have a place near me that could make up some Rhodie kit in quantity, if we could find the right materials. :)

August 20, 2001, 15:35
Fallboy, the source is fereday&son's if you want the guy's email address email me offline.

They are a company that produced the fireforce assault vests like Timkel's back in the day when Africa was losing its last chance at greatness.

BTW if the Soviets and Chicomm's hadn't backed Zanu & Zapu, they never would have defeated Rhodesia IMHO.

I have been gauging interest in fireforce vests and have fallen below the magic number so far. So a buy on fireforce vests won't be too likely it seems.

August 21, 2001, 15:04
Originally posted by Falboy:
<STRONG>Hey Ronster, could you post the source for that webbing,canvas, andt etc. for building a fireforce vest? By the way I just picked up a nice Rhodie Bush Shirt at the Iola Military Vehicals show just a couple a days ago for $30-. It totally made my day. Its kind of diff. though, it only buttons 1/3 of the way down the front. If anyone is interested I may have a place near me that could make up some Rhodie kit in quantity, if we could find the right materials. :)</STRONG>

Dammit, I knew I should have gone first thing Saturday AM. Not much else caught my eye, other than the African cammo Range Rover. $15 C1 pouches were about the only FAL related stuff I saw on Sunday.


August 22, 2001, 18:48
Yea, I didn't get there until about 2:00, It was just dumb luck, A rack of clothes were under tarp, I decided to lift the tarp and there it was. Kismit my man, kismit. I'm thinking of painting my F250 4x4 like that Rover was. The show definately was not as good as last year. I was really hopeing there would be some Unimogs there.

February 01, 2004, 15:13
Is that company still in business that made the vests?

I read somewhere that the current Zimbabwe Army still uses the same camo pattern as the Rhodesian Army. Supposedly the uniforms are still made by the same factories, and aside from being issued to the troops, some of these are sold worldwide and advertised as the original stuff.

February 01, 2004, 15:27
OH, HOW I HATE THE RED X!!!!!!!!!! Anybody know how or where I can view these pics.? I love these old pics. of the FAL in service around the world.

February 01, 2004, 16:15
this post is like 3 years old.....that picture has been long ago been deleted from whatever picture host server it was on. might try a GOOGLE search under their image search for some roadie pictures.

February 01, 2004, 18:19
Here are a few.

February 01, 2004, 18:26
A few more.

February 02, 2004, 14:37
Thanks for pics. and advice! I have spent much of my misguided youth interested in the AR and AK series of rifles...but now I see the light.

February 02, 2004, 15:15
Cool rifle, Timkel. That's exactly how I want to get my rifle done.

February 02, 2004, 22:23
Hi Fellas,

I'm back after a lengthy hiatus for a little trip to Afghanistan in 2002 and a subsequent move of my family to a new duty station. I fell off the board for a few years, and am now looking to get caught up and back into the swing of things "FAL-related".

I see that my old post with the Rhodie uniform pics dropped off when I switched e-mail servers, so here they are again for those who'd like a look:

Pic 1 - Rhodesian Light Infantry "Tailored Garrison Dress" for wear around base camps and informal parades. Note the RLI beret and Stable Belt worn with this order of dress. Over top is a Feraday & Sons custom LBV. This uniform and LBV were worn by a good friend of mine who served 2 years in the RLI from 1977 to 79, when it all fell apart. He went on to serve 2 years with the SADF in Pathfinder Company of 44 Parabat - running deep penetration raids into SWA and Angola.


Pic 2 - Rhodesian "Guard Force" Field jacket with "Flap Cap".


Pic 3 - Mint Rhodesian uniform (long-sleeve version) with "Flap Cap".


Pic 4 - Rhodesian lightweight coveralls - issued to RLI members as a para over-suit for "Fireforce" Operations.


Pic 5 - Rhodesian track-suit worn for physical training sessions and occasionally on operations.


Pic 6 - Pfumo Revanhu "Spear of the Nation" T-Shirt and hat worn by units comprised of "turned" terrorists who fought with the Rhodesian Army (when they weren't mutinying). My friend has a funny story about one of these units that was "going bad". A technical assistance team showed up to "maintain" their G-3 rifles while the mutiny was still in the early stages. What they actually did was remove all of the firing pins from the unit's weapons. When the mutiny finally erupted, guess who lost?


Pic 7 - Zimbabwe "Rhodesian Reissue" uniform - manufactured by "City Clothing Factory" when the pattern was readopted by the Zibabwean Army approximately 3 years ago. The quality of construction falls well short of the former Rhodesian standards.


I have examples of the South African ADDRO and U.S. Propper "Rhodesian Copy" uniforms as well, but those aren't authentic so I won't bore you with them.

Hope you enjoy the pics!


February 03, 2004, 02:02
A few picked up from Dep's email list. I deleted it prior to noting the poster, so don't know who to credit.

July 12, 2005, 21:31
Fire force and survival course by Chris Cocks are both very good reads. I bought copies of them off a internet auction site in NewZealand and it turned out the woman selling them was the ex-wife of one of the guys in the book fireforce. She had been a police sergent over there at the time and gave me a letter about her time thier as well. Her husband was now in a detox farm somewhere in Africa having gotten a huge Heroin habit etc. I gave the books to my dad to read as he is still in the NZ army and he noted that there were 3 NZ soldiers mentioned in the book who were over thier "gaining experience". Well worth the read if you can find a copy of them.

June 07, 2015, 22:10